Ten Gifts To Give This Holiday Season

The holiday season is my favorite time of year for many reasons. One of those reasons is the chance to thank my friends and family for sticking by me and being who they are by giving them thoughtful gifts. Gift shopping can be fun, but it can also stressful, especially if you don’t know what to get, or if your budget doesn’t fit with your plans. So, what do you get for that special someone, be it a significant other, sorority sister, or your mom, that has everything? Here are a few thoughtful gift ideas to get you started. 

1. Blankets 

In my humble opinion, you can never have too many blankets, and you should have a blanket for every occasion! Plus, it can be a good option when you want to give something to keep them warm for winter, but you aren’t sure of their style. You can find a good cozy blanket at any price range. Check out this fuzzy blanket from Target for $14.99, great to include in a basket with hot chocolate and a good book, or this weighted blanket from Mosaic for $174.99, if you’re looking to splurge on someone (or yourself!)

2. Monogrammed Stuff

Monogramming is so underrated, and it can be the perfect gift to get someone if you’re looking for something a little more personalized. You can find something to monogram at almost any price range, and you can even get creative with the embroidery and do something other than their initials, like Greek letters or your university abbreviation. Check out this comfy AF Sherpa pullover from Marley Lilly for $59.99, or this tassel keychain for $11.99. 

3. Lush Gift Boxes

We are sleeping on Lush as gifts, guys. They have a whole section of their website dedicated to gift boxes for all occasions, with everything from their famous bath bombs to top-rated body lotions. These boxes also come pre-wrapped in super cute paper and ribbons, complete with a tag explaining what everything in the box is and how to use it. They have boxes starting at $10.95, but there really is a box for everyone at any price range.

4. Candles

I don’t think I need to explain to anyone with a sense of smell why candles are the best gift EVER. I love giving candles as gifts because it is so fun to pick out a different scent for each person. Bath and Body Works has some great holiday scents, and while their three-wick candles retail for $24.50, they have tons of sales throughout the last few months of the year that often bring the price down to half or lower. My personal favorite of this season’s scents is Sugared Snickerdoodle, but they have tons of scents for even the pickiest candle-lovers. If you’re looking for a more personalized candle, Homesick Candles has a different candle for every city, some cities and countries, and several specific holidays and occasions, with most going for $29.95. 

5. Pajama Sets

My mom always gets my sister and I pajama sets for Christmas Eve, and I always thought it was something that everyone should do. As nice as it feels to sleep in an oversized shirt and sweatpants from three years ago, it is so nice to cozy up in a matching pajama set. Old Navy has some really cute holiday themed sets starting at $34.99, and Target has some simpler sets for $19.99 that would work well if you included a sleep mask or some sleepy time tea! 

6. Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are an essential for any college student, but they can also be a good gift idea for someone that you’re stumped on for gift ideas, because almost everyone listens to music at some point during their day. I really like this water resistant speaker from Amazon for $19.99, perfect for listening to music outdoors or in the shower, or the Echo Dot from Amazon for $49.99, which is a sleek addition to any room where music is often played, or for anyone that just wants a way to listen to music or podcasts in their home without even having to press a button (Echo is voice-activated!) 

7. Planners

The year is quickly coming to an end, and a fresh new planner is the perfect gift for any of your friends, whether they have a habit of being organized or are looking for a new year’s resolution. Bando has a ton of cute planners starting at $28. They even have all-in-one planners that have extra pages for notes, important dates, and even coloring pages for stress relief! This can even make a great gift for yourself if you’re looking to get organized in the new year!

8. Socks

Gone are the days of dreading socks as a gift. Most of us would probably be perfectly happy if every single gift we received this season was a new pair of socks. Whether you’re looking for a stocking stuffer or just a small gift to remind someone to keep their feet warm, socks are a great choice. Target has tons of sock advent calendars starting at $15 that feature 12 pairs of socks in little compartments to be opened once a day, but these are sure to be a well-received gift no matter when you give it. 

9. Alex & Ani Bracelets

Alex & Ani definitely has a bracelet for everything. Along with their holiday collections (including an amazing collection based on Elf) they have bracelets to celebrate any relationship, occasion, or meaningful moment. While single bracelets start at $28 in several different finishes, they also have tons of beautiful bracelets sets, like this crystal snowflake-themed one for $98.

10. Winter Accessory Sets

There are so many different options out there for scarves, hats, and gloves, that I hardly ever buy them for myself. I always end up with mismatched pieces, instead of a carefully curated look. I’m sure I’m not alone in this, which is why gifting sets of winter wear is a great idea. There are so many to choose from, and they can work for literally anyone, because everyone needs to stay warm during the holiday season. You can either build your own from somewhere like Target with lots of options starting at $5, or get a set already made, like this one which includes a scarf and gloves for $11.47 from New York & Company. 

Black Friday is coming up soon, so make sure you get your list ready in time to score some deals on everything you need. Also, don’t forget to make a list for yourself too, because the holiday season is the perfect time to #treatyourself! 

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