Stop Trump

Even if you are not on top of what is going on in the political world, mostly everyone knows Donald Trump is running for president. At first it seemed like a joke, but no; this is really happening. His strong racism dissuades the American public of believing he can run our country. One has to ask how long Trump is going to make it in this presidential candidacy. We also have to hope we will even be able to make it if he does hold out til the end.

Presently, he is the Republican presidential front-runner, and hopefully Republicans are also cringing at his plans if he achieves presidency. The world might break out in chaos. Can the United States even distinguish ourselves as "America the beautiful" that promotes freedom and acceptance when we have our President antagonizing a specific group of people, based on religion?

Just this week, Trump revealed his intent to ban any Muslims from coming into the United States, until he is sure they are not 'dangerous.' While many people hold prejudices by believing terrible stereotypes, the idea of our own president allowing the rejection of certain people based on their religion is disturbing. It instills in us a sense of disappointment and sadness for the people advocating this to happen, while also making us wonder when people will discard such oppressive beliefs. Fortunately, Trump's ratings declined immensely after Trump's announcement.

Trump thinks he is acting wisely and creating a safer country, but really he is just acting on false pretenses. He has previously discussed monitoring or tearing down mosques. While plenty of people are outraged, Muslims are beginning to feel scared, terrorized, and utterly disappointed.

Watch Muslims' reactions as they describe how they feel in five words. They say five simple words, but each holds its own message of desperation.

Muslims also explain how they feel being a Muslim in America today.

Let's hope and pray for a more hopeful, positive, and loving America where no man or woman faces these feelings of oppression.