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Six Ways to Beat Your Mid-Semester Rut


October is in full swing, collegiettes, and here at Her Campus, we understand the struggles of getting through this hump month of the Fall semester. Suddenly you’re swamped with midterms and naturally every single one of your projects and papers are due on the same day. All this academic craze is starting to get in the way of coordinating your Halloween costume with your besties and shopping online for your dream pair of boots. Not to mention you are just waiting for Thanksgiving break to roll around...but then you realize we still have a month to go!


Hold tight, collegiettes! If you are truly feeling the October schlump, then keep on reading. Here are some terrific and oh so simple ways to spice up your semester and keep yourself moving and grooving!




  1. Pamper Yourself: Ladies, you deserve some serious spa time! Luckily, the Aveda Institute Columbus offers affordable spa treatments in two separate locations. Nothing is more refreshing that then a perky new manicure or a fierce and fabulous haircut! 
  2. Wake Up Your Workout: Learn to work your body in a new way by trying a different group fitness class, exercising with a group of friends, or even going to the gym at a different time. Treat your workout as a time for you to let go of your worries or stresses and enjoy putting your energy into something new.


  3. Get Cooking: The internet is full of scrumptious recipes just waiting to be prepared! Grab some of your girlfriends and plan a meal to cook together. It is a superb excuse to gab with your girls and use your creativity. If cooking at home is not an option, visit the Sur La Table store at Easton Town Center for some terrific Fall-themed cooking classes.


  4. Expand Your Coffee Horizons: Let’s face it, Starbucks and campus coffee shops can get a little repetitive. Turn your coffee runs into a chance to treat yourself by venturing out for a new coffee spot to indulge in. I suggest checking out Pistacia Vera at North Market; their macarons are to die for! One Line Coffee in the Short North features hand-poured coffee, because everyone should receive the star treatment when it comes to caffeine! 


  5. Catch a Movie: All that intense reading and studying can easily get tiring. Give yourself a break and take a trip to the nearest movie theater to enjoy the latest cinematic treasures. Plus the Gateway Film Center offers discounted tickets whenever you bring along your BuckID! AKA more money for movie theater sweets!!


  6. Trade in Your Textbook: Take yourself back to a time when textbooks were not the only books you checked out from the library! Thompson Library has a splendid leisure reading section and it is super easy to register for a Columbus Metropolitan Library Card. If novels aren’t your thing, find some dishy magazines to get lost in. Face it, sometimes celeb gossip is a little more important than that upcoming midterm... 


It is all about balance during these stressful weeks, but Her Campus is sending you lots and lots of luck! We know you put loads of time and energy into your assignments, activities, and commitments, but remember to give yourself some time and extra lovin’! Keep working hard, but every now and then remember to take a cue from the Spice Girls and SPICE UP YOUR LIFE!



Photos and GIFS courtesy of www.tumblr.com

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