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An Open Letter to the RA I am Leaving Behind

I cannot imagine what this first year of college would have been like if you weren’t part of it. I knew you would always be there if and when I needed you, and it only helped things that you were my neighbor. There were so many times that I felt alone and you always seemed to pop up when I needed a friend.


I will miss your initiatives to create a sense of community. Although the events were almost always when I had class (curse you, night classes!), I loved that you planned things throughout the entire year to foster friendships on our floor.


I will miss your weekly emails and all of the dog pictures and memes that they entailed. Puppies make everything better. Literally.



I will miss geeking out about Taylor Swift with you. You know I will always gladly be your source of interview information, and I wouldn’t mind if you sent me more Taylor quizzes, because trivia and knowing if I’m more like Meredith or Olivia is obviously important to my existence.



I will miss how a simple hello always turned into a two hour long conversation. I knew I could trust you with anything, and I hope you felt the same way. We are essentially the same person, and I loved that.


I will miss your fantastic advice. From when I didn’t know what to do when I was struggling in calculus to talking about personal problems, you always knew what to say to make me feel like I would make it through, and now I have. You always had a similar struggle to share with me and it was a great way to reassure me that with a little bit of perseverance and a lot of heart, life is possible.


Amy, you are one of the best people I have met in my first year at Ohio State. You are a huge reason that Baker has become my home this year. I will miss you, but I know that you are bound for greatness and you must help other people find their places in this world, as you have helped me find mine.


Ashleigh is a second year at The Ohio State University, pursuing a Business Administration degree and specializing in Information Systems. Ashleigh is the Social Media Director for Her Campus Ohio State. She has a strong adoration for poetry, kittens, Taylor Swift, and all things fall.
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