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Ohio State to See a Change in Provost

On Thursday, October 22, 2015, Ohio State’s President, Michael V. Drake, sent an email to the students and staff of the university, announcing that Joseph E. Steinmetz, Executive Vice President and Provost, would be parting ways with Ohio State to join the University of Arkansas as chancellor.



Steinmetz first came to Ohio State in 2009, and has since furthered the university in tremendous ways. He helped develop the largest College of Arts and Sciences in the country, which is a unification of what were once five separate colleges. For the past two years, Joseph has served as the executive vice president. In this office, he has advanced many university initiatives in affordability and accessibility, and has had a helping hand in elevating the work of the university’s staff and students. Steinmetz will continue to serve as provost through December, and will aid in the selection process of Ohio State’s next leader. 


Although we are saddened by this parting of ways, we wish nothing but the best for Joseph Steinmetz in his new position. We are sure that he will continue to do great things for the education of young minds, such as our own, in Arkansas.

Ashleigh is a second year at The Ohio State University, pursuing a Business Administration degree and specializing in Information Systems. Ashleigh is the Social Media Director for Her Campus Ohio State. She has a strong adoration for poetry, kittens, Taylor Swift, and all things fall.
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