New Orleans to California: Natural Disasters Are Effecting Students of All Ages

Over the past couple months, natural disasters have plagued the United States and caused massive disruptions in people’s lives. What you might not know about is how the severe weather is affecting students.

Tulane University, located in New Orleans, began taking precautions when Hurricane Nate became a possible threat. They even instated a curfew of 7pm to ensure student safety. Students began storing emergency supplies of water in their dorms in case they were unable to leave the building. 

Across California, students are currently being effected by the blazing wildfires that are resisting all efforts to be tamed. Chapman University was forced to cancel classes and evacuate their students because of the fires. A week later, the danger is no longer severe, but there is still visible smoke in the air.

In Northern California, wildfires have ruined many homes and lives. Even those out of range of the flames are feeling the effects. University of San Francisco canceled classes and any on-campus events on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday because of the dangers associated with poor air quality. High schools students in the San Francisco Bay Area have been advised to eat inside for lunch and sporting events are being canceled because of the potential health risks. This is particularly relevant to students with asthma as they are more susceptible to the dangers associated with the smoke.

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