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As summer winds down, I think we can all agree that some of this summer’s trends blessed the fashion community. On the other hand, though, some of them I just cannot stand behind. Let’s rewind and look at my takes on this summer’s slays and nays.

Denim Skirts – SLAY

The mini and maxi denim skirts that are taking my Instagram feed by storm are a trend that I love intensely. Denim goes with anything, and skirts really bring an outfit up a notch. For a casual brunch or day in the city, I think these skirts work on almost every occasion, and although I don’t own one (yet), they were definitely a favorite of mine this summer.

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Photo (left) by Princess Polly Photo (right) by Princess Polly

Maxi Skirts – SLAY

Skirts really are a hit this year. Like the denim skirts, maxi skirts made their way back
into seemingly everyone’s summer wardrobes. Whether styled low-rise or high-rise, these
skirts paired with a small tank really are the hit of the season. My favorite look is the low-rise maxi skirt with a fitted tube top – effortless, but a fit that will impress.

LgHdmP2jESHIhS8bWLP08FwEIuIOIpI6PCSTAxkpSMwLVYSckLFf1yC9QzgYwLzPvJDuUWMS6v COsMFO8p2KOCXJ0UaxOOATreItwBHZXcQLpI8N1SQ6OGYHpa8 6WupuODlzyzHaI52nAAQBlhhm0      RcWHSDeSKu1CSQq2Sz5fUMnA25m2AoWI48 wXcqVZhcDnpjCAed7ygwhIS9Ei2SUnlZxu540TNNu 6 92R 6p63xIwlqzmKK9kf8dU2TkJ vkdT3KHDDzkh cg1zlodUqgAfuIKyCV6hyhy1Lme0yVs

Photo (left) by Princess Polly Photo (right) by Abercrombie & Fitch

Crochet – Nay

I applaud the extremely talented people who make these tops themselves (I am so impressed by and jealous of you), but I simply am not a fan. In some circumstances, I’ll let it slide, but I am a firm believer in sweaters and “the like” remaining as fall and winter clothing.

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Photo (left) by Princess Polly Photo (right) by Urban Outfitters

Backless Tops – SLAY

Considering I house a few of these in my own closet, I can assure you that the backless top trend is one of my favorites. The simple look in the front is contrasted by a classier and more fun look in the back, and I am all for it! I’m excited to see this trend continue with backless long-sleeves throughout the autumn and winter.

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Photo by Princess Polly

Long, Baggy Jorts – Nay

As much as I want to love them, the long and baggy jorts will never be my favorite. To me, they’re giving an Adam Sandler and 1990s basketball shorts vibe I don’t want to radiate, and that is all I will say on the topic.

Photo by Urban Outfitters

New Balances – SLAY

It truly is the season of sneakers, and girls like me are all over it! Growing up with older brothers, the first time I wore heels was probably not until a high school dance, and four years later, I still cannot walk in them. So it’s safe to say I am a fan of the New Balance trend! I have a pair myself (specifically the CT302 in Sea Salt), and they are the perfect shoe for a casual outfit with jeans, dressing down a skirt or an athletic moment with biker shorts.

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Photo by New Balance

Adidas Sambas – Nay

While I love the New Balances, the Sambas just don’t do it for me. They’re giving… my dad on the sidelines coaching my brother’s soccer team–and not in a cute way. He rocks them, but I just can’t do Sambas dressed up with a skirt. The potential is there; the execution is a miss.

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Photo by Adidas

Athletic Jumpsuits – SLAY

I LOVE the jumpsuit look, and I’m excited for the pants versions to trickle into fall. With a cute belt bag, New Balances, and a crewneck? You can’t go wrong!

4YeF0lYOQvbTZ2 dGqs6SqVHGM2zdMvjFnpJtISp HefLKwgXD0aYDnhyIP6xsiKgBkymKYFlsqG5K73cny4wq3dxx6fqa kuVPz8ow3jDDx1VlgRzRs1BTYOvmgbh6xXDHZT T8Al65GWGdHGYi1Y    BOFQI9y3f5Bg4TXK64 iTtdAWtpaHXl tW7Qp9S1JvZAfuAkm9Ljh5X59yorErdLZNn8Tk1E29EWOVq I8yM4SoUdZOmfGOAe8XGp2lsFA9LIrRdbMZYF7N HXJmAAWQ5q6AD9DaQFB5F4nUwaR2qwI

Photo (left) by Lululemon Photo (right) by Aerie

Baseball Caps – SLAY

This just in: baseball caps are not only for baseball games! This trend has been emerging for about a year, but I still love it. These take so many outfits from chic to chic and sporty. When you pair one with jeans, a basic white top and New Balances, you have a perfect outfit for a Trader Joe’s run, a sporting event or a day out with the family.

HW4CR4QoMCdi7YTDUCG9Z8088vmHZJgm2dwF07KB6zkQmmqN4TEc6JrV5PkmGRTs9htlID4rAJhIcvtrqPMPMpdztSQGUcXMBf3scnxutR yxMlLpLy22GUAufdNCSgSj8U7 Oq6BO PYz f SKcwQDv0uu7wooZ3ZZlu7eYxYFn neoykEfoHLgqzyrNh3aVVtzzFKfEH7I1rfMa0K5adg zD

Photo (left) by Urban Outfitters Photo (right) by Princess Polly

Slides – Nay

I’m a fan of Boston sandals, chunky going-out sandals, but these… these are my dorm shower shoes. In the house they’re acceptable, but these are an inside-only type of shoe, and I stand by that.

MlNi1 3mHVdobx2TneSt6

Photo by Urban Outfitters

I’m excited to see which of these trends fade and which trends continue into the autumn and winter! Maybe some of these will make a comeback next summer and my mind will change…we’ll see! For now, however, I am staying put with my backless tops, New Balances and jumpsuits.

Aislin is a first-year Strategic Communication student in the Honors Program at The Ohio State University from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Along with a B.A. in Strategic Communication, she is also pursuing a minor in Professional Writing. Beyond Her Campus, Aislin is the Special Projects Director at The PRactice, Ohio State’s student-run public relations firm, and a member of PRSSA, BuckeyeTHON, and Pi Beta Phi. In her free time, Aislin enjoys traveling, experimenting with new recipes, listening to music, watching sports, playing with her dogs, and hanging out with family and friends.