Meet Strobing

Put contouring aside because it’s time to meet its sister, strobing. So, what exactly is strobing? Strobing focuses on highlighting the high points of your face to give your skin a fresh, dewy, radiant look. If you follow your favorite Kardashian’s or celebrities on Instagram, you will see why this new beauty trend is in – it makes the skin look young and bright!

Strobing is an easy beauty routine that can give you the Hollywood glow in less than 10 minutes. Here are a few steps that will leave your skin looking vibrant:

1. Start off by moisturizing your skin. In order to achieve this fresh look, you need your skin to be smooth and fully hydrated.

2. Apply a foundation that matches your skin tone with a damp beauty blender.

3. Begin applying a highlighter on the areas that catch light:

- Cheekbones

- Along your temples

- Down the bridge of your nose

- Center of your forehead

- Brow bone

- Cupid’s bow

- Chin


4. After you’ve applied your highlighter, gently blend it all in with a damp beauty blender.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ve perfected the technique of strobing!


Image credit: Pinterest