Meet OSU's Emily Winget


Name: Emily Winget

Age: 20

Hometown: Shelburne, Vermont

OSU Life:

Year:  Sophomore

Major: Health Science

Extracurriculars: Swimming Club; J. Michael Dunn Sport and Wellness Scholars

Favorite spot at OSU: The Oval

Favorite class so far: History 2002 because I’m interested in history. Also, for me knowing what happened in the past helps me understand what happen now and in the future better.

Favorite food on campus: Salad bar at Market Place

Fun Facts:

You’re a cat person or a dog person? : Definitely dog.

Favorite festival and why: Back home, we have a festival called Fall Festival. All vender sell food, and you can do apple picking too. They also have hot apple cider and apple cider hotdog.

Favorite travel experience: We once had a cabin vacation in Vermont. The cabin is in the middle of wood and there is little lake. I had lots of fun playing games, BBQ, swimming and playing with dogs.

Pick one place in the world to travel to: Italy for the history and the food.

Any celeb crushes? : Conor Dwyer. He is a swimmer.