Meet OSU's Delaney McCoy!

The Basics

Name: Delaney McCoy

Age: 18

Hometown: La Grange, Illinois

Year: Freshman

Major: Early Childhood Education

Extracurriculars: Adopt- A- School, OSU Pen Pals

Fun Facts

Favorite holiday: My favorite holiday is definitely Christmas. The holiday spirit that surrounds this holiday makes me extremely happy. I love this time to just enjoy my family and to realize how lucky I am!

Coffee Order: A grande Caramel Macchiato in a venti cup with extra ice and caramel.

Favorite study place: The 11th floor of Thompson Library

Favorite class: My Psych Perspective of Education class has to be my favorite class. I really like my professor and have learned a lot about being a teacher already!

Buckeye Love

Favorite place on OSU’s campus: The Oval

Favorite event at OSU so far: The involvement fair was a lot of fun. I got to learn about so many different organizations that Ohio State offers and it got me so excited for the upcoming years.

Reasons for picking OSU: It has been my top college since I was a little girl, my family and I have always been huge Buckeye fans. Being from Ohio originally, it was extra important to me to be able to come back to my roots and follow my dreams.

Favorite thing about OSU: The unity the entire school has on game days. The vibe around campus is so positive and fun!

Something you did not expect about OSU: How small it can feel once you find your place among friends and your favorite activities.

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