Meet Jasmine from OSU

Basic info: 

Name: Chubing (Jasmine) Gao

Age: 19

Hometown: Xi’an, China


OSU Life:

Year:  Sophomore

Major: Communication

Extracurriculars: Film Studies

Favorite spot at OSU: Hagerty Hall

Favorite class so far: HISTART 2002

Favorite food on campus: Teriyaki chicken rice bowl


Fun Facts:

You’re a cat person or a dog person?: Dog person. Our family has a poodle. 

Favorite holiday and why: Spring break, because it’s a great time to take a faraway vacation, and the weather is also great at that time. 

Favorite travel experience: Last winter in Orlando. It was a great place to get away from Columbus winter weather and enjoy some sunshine. We went to Disneyland and Universal Studios, which were like dreams come true. I regretted that we didn’t stay longer, and I would love to go back again if I have a chance. 

Pick one place in the world to travel to: Currently, I really wish to go to London sometime. One of my friends is living there and she asked me several times to go visit her. Besides, London is a great city with famous architecture, universities and a long-standing culture. It would be great to spend a few days there. 

Any celeb crushes?: I have had a crush on Taylor Swift since middle school. It is exciting that she is releasing new songs these days.