Meet Columbus Creative, Xiao Mei

Meet Xiao Mei, a Columbus creative and blogger who challenges women to relinquish their naked thoughts. She currently runs her own blog called The N.U.D.E. Blog to inspire and share her own experiences and thoughts on self-love, relationships, wellness, culture, and travel.

I admire Xiao for giving women a safe space to feel comfortable in their own skin as well as letting them know they are not alone in this journey because let's be real, we all need to hear that. I encourage you to open your mind and free your thoughts, get lost in these blog posts and learn something about yourself! Learn more about Xiao, what it means to be a creative, and her mission below...

Q: What kind of content do you put out on the web? Or what would you say your favorite thing/topic to blog about is?

A: I enjoy publishing real-life and relatable content that women experienced or are interested learning about. I write inspirational content to help women visualize life in a new perspective. My favorite topic to focus on is dating and relationships, because I am a sucker for love (aka hopeless romantic

Q: What pushed you or inspired you to start blogging? When did you start?

A: 2015 is the year I released my blog. 2017 is when I re-branded from Style Me Nude to The N.U.D.E. Blog. My inspiration sourced from experiencing domestic violence. Writing helped me link a connection with what happened, why it happened to me, and how I could better myself from the pain. As a survivor, I chose happiness versus bitterness. I chose words of encouragement versus words of hate. I chose a better path hoping other women would join me.

Q: What was your biggest fear/worry when you started?

A: I feared perception. Today, I still battle with people’s perception and outlook of me, but I’m disciplining myself to remain unbothered.

Q: Do you ever feel your blog is an invasion of your privacy? How do you determine that?

A: Yes! I put out my personal business on my blog; such as having a FWB (friends with benefits), dating older men, battling suicide and self-harm, etc. These are all relatable topics, yet my privacy has been shared with the public. However, I’m learning how to balance my messages without giving in-depth details of everything that I’ve done while remaining relatable.

Q: Do you have a goal when it comes to blogging? What do you hope to accomplish with it?

A: My #1 goal is to reach at least one woman and help change her perspective to become more positive. If I can help just one, then I feel as if my work is done. Of course, it’s not hard and I will continue writing, but it’s soulfully satisfying being of inspiration to others.

Q; Is there any other blogger/influencer that inspires your work?

A: Jessica Olie- A yoga instructor/lifestyle blogger. She is a woman of enlightenment who incorporates her every life experience (good and bad) and shares with the world. Jessica is transparent, honest and is in tune with herself. She is rare and I admire her.

Q: What have you learned about yourself through blogging?

A: I learned that I value what other’s think of me. I also accepted that I should take a few journalism classes; I’m a good writer, but there’s room for improvement.

Q: What would you tell other women who want to blog or make their mark in the creative industry?

A: Learn to trust yourself.

Q: What is your daily mantra?

A: “Learn to walk alone.” This phrase is sacred to me. I’m not stating to isolate yourself from others. I am encouraging myself to always have my back when all goes wrong… when the ship sails and hits the iceberg. This phrase can be taken as being “selfish”, which in a way it is, BUT…it teaches me that I must know my own worth, my own value, and my own well-being first.

Q: How do you keep yourself grounded? Or how do you keep your creative juices flowing?

A: Consistency has been a battle for me. I often run into writer’s block or become staggered if I’m not surrounded by new inspiration. My cure to that is through traveling. I experience new things, view different sceneries and study other cultures, people, and customs.

Q: What is your best advice for other bloggers/writers/creatives when they find themselves in a creative slump?

A: Remember WHY you started and read your prior posts in the archives. You will discover that you are your greatest encourager. So learn quickly to encourage yourself and get back to the drawing board immediately.

Q: How do you manage balancing your career, hobbies, blogging, and social life altogether?

A: By ceasing the moments of life and creating a strategic schedule… doing my best to stick to it. Bottom line is: decide what is a priority.

Q: What is your definition of happiness? What does that look like to you?

A: Happiness to me is appreciating the roller coasters of life, while discovering who you are and bettering your tomorrow through the highs and lows. Happiness isn’t an everyday feeling, but it’s a choice. And to me happiness looks like working for myself, setting my own schedule, falling in love with God’s creation, savoring time with my family, traveling to unknown places, giving back to children who need more than I do, AND being madly in love with the man of my dreams who treats me like Mr. Darcy to his Ms. Bennington on the movie Pride and Prejudice.

Q: Your blog is called The N.U.D.E. Blog. What does N.U.D.E. mean to you?

A: N.U.D.E. stands for Naked Uncut Daily Empowerment. To me, this holds value that everyday we can express our naked thoughts in an uncut manner.

Most people’s childhood focused on learning history, mathematics, science, physical health, etc. But there was subtle teaching kids how to express their thoughts, process their feelings, and learn an appropriate way to handle their emotions.

Often we’re told what to do by our parents, but there’s a disconnect letting children properly understand why they react the way they do. So my blog invited women who never received the chance to express their feelings in raw form. We get to relate to each other and gain clarity on the issues we’ve all been through. That’s why I LOVE comments and interaction because The N.U.D.E. Blog is a safe house for all women.



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