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Matt Baker, ’12

Name: Matt Baker           
Year: Senior
Major: Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Ask any upperclassmen for advice on surviving dorm life and it is more than likely that they will inform you to watch out for the RA.  In college lingo, the RA represents an inhumane creature whose main goal is to punish you for partaking in … shall we say … inadvisable activities.  However, in reality RAs are people too!  They attend classes, support the same feverish support of the buckeyes and adore President Gee.  A perfect example of a misrepresented RA is senior Matt Baker, who is not only one of the sweetest people you could ever meet but a genuine cutie as well.  Matt (who is known fondly by his residents as Matt the RAAA) is not a monster that takes personal joy in writing students up but instead is a friend, respecting enforcement but also giving encouragement.  He chats with them for as long as necessary whenever they have a problem or are lonely; he will brighten their day by posting funny messages on the pin board; to encourage hallway bonding, he manages activities such as capture the flag; not to mention, this tennis buff will even play a set with his residents.  Overall Matt is just a chill, down-to-earth guy who is looking for a way to pay his school dues; ask any former or current resident of his and they can attest that his sunshine personality makes you rethink some questionable choices in order to not darken his day.  Matt is a cutie and deserves RA of the year, not because he is always punishing people but because he blatantly cares!
HC: What made you decide to become an RA?
MB: My freshman year I didn’t know my RA very well and I wanted to try to fill that role for other people.  My sophomore year I was very close to my RA and he inspired me to actually apply.  Becoming an RA has been one of the best decisions of my life.
HC: Is it difficult to punish a resident after you have become close with them?
MB: It’s never been an issue for me since I set the expectations early on in the year so that everyone is on the same page.  If I ever have to document a situation, the residents understand that I’m just doing my job and that they’re the ones that are putting me in the awkward situation.  RAs only document situations, so I actually have no control over what the punishment will be.
HC: How do you balance time when you have your RA duties, an intense major and a social life?
MB: Balancing my time has always been a struggle, but usually there’s not enough time to cover everything.  Being an RA teaches you how to prioritize your time.  This means accepting the fact that not every week can be filled with social events.  Some weeks, such as midterm weeks, are designated study times where I have had to accept that I need to study more than socialize.  The most important thing to learn is to determine what is most important for you to accomplish that week and then put all of your effort into doing just that.  It’s not always a walk in the park, but it teaches you important time management skills.
HC: What is your favorite activity to partake in here on campus?
MB: Taste of OSU!  I like to try new things.
HC: What is your favorite OSU memory?
MB: My favorite memory was getting to say goodbye to my freshmen residents at the end of my junior year.  It was touching to see how many of them had changed over the school year and it felt good to be part of their first year.
HC: What is the one thing every buckeye should do before they graduate?
MB: I think every buckeye should attend one OSU football game.  It’s a great experience.
HC: Please describe your dream date.
MB: Playing a sport or something physical in that respect.  Girls that are willing to run around are easier for me to connect with.
HC: We must know: blondes or brunettes?
MB: Brunettes are my preference, but either is acceptable!
HC: What are some of the desired characteristics in your dream girl?
MB: I like a girl that has similar interests.  Any girl that is willing to play tennis with me earns HUGE points in my book.
HC: Be honest: if there was one stereotypical pet peeve you have with girls what would it be and how do you suggests girls avoid it (as in is there one annoying aspect you find in girls)?
MB: I think girls obsess over their body image too much.  It’s better to accept your flaws and move on.
HC: One thing that people may not know about you is …
MB: I can wiggle my ears.
HC: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
HC: Finally, if you could please give a dating tip to girls from the guy perspective!
MB: Confidence is sexy.  A strong-willed girl that isn’t afraid to say what she wants is irresistible.

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