Life Lessons from "Sex and the City" (Vol. 2)

I want to say two things before the article:

1. You may not agree with what I say and it’s totally fine. This article is just my own thoughts

2. If you are a boy from my past and think this article is about you—then it probably is.

Last week, I talked about five life lessons I learned from "Sex and the City"—one of my favorite shows. (If you haven't seen the article, check it out). This week I want to share three more life lessons (sorry this article is much shorter than Vol.1).

Boys are not as complicated as we think

First, I want to say that I hate Berger. He is an immature guy who would break up with someone through a Post-It note. However, he does tell us one truth—boys are not that complicated. Sometimes, they’re just that not into you. People will invest their time in you if they really want. Back to the boy I mentioned in my previous article, if he truly wanted to be with me it would not have been hard for him to spend half of a minute texting me and telling me he was still busy working at 7 p.m. That's not to say that he never wanted to text me or simply send me a snap during lunch break. 

Keep your bottom line

Some people say that love is about compromise. I can’t say this is wrong. When we are in a relationship, we need compromise and sacrifice because no one is perfect. However, you need to hold your bottom line. With Aleksandr (the artist), Carrie compromises and moves to Paris with him. But when she realizes that everything has already hit her bottom line, she ends the relationship. Changing too much for someone won’t make you happy—on the contrary, you are probably gonna suffer from those “sacrifices.” Also, if you are always the one who changes, you probably need rethink about this relationship. 

Know your worth and keep your standard

Remember the scene where Charlotte got drunk and told Carrie “I’m nice, I’m pretty and I’m smart” on their way back to Manhattan from Long Island? She did a great job here. Being confident with high self-esteem is not something easy. We often understate our worth and think that we’re not enough a lot. But girls, we are. It’s hard to truly know your worth and keep your standard, but it’s important. Don’t allow your loneliness to lower your standards. You don’t need to be with someone to be fabulous—you already are. 

These are some life lessons I learned from "Sex and the City." I’m a big fan of this show and I’ve watched it over and over again. I first watched this show last summer and it truly helped me grow a lot. I know it is not perfect, and no show can be perfect (or only a few can). It’s still a good show to learn and think about relationships, life and friendships. 

You are LOVED by this world

Mia (ins: miastylebook)