Life Lessons From "Sex and the City" (Vol. 1)

I want to say two things before the article:

1. You may not agree with what I say and it’s totally fine. This article is just my own thoughts.

2. If you are a boy from my past and think this article is about you—then it probably is.

As I mentioned in my last article, "Sex and the City" is one of my favorite TV shows. I know it’s old and all the clothes in the show are not fashionable anymore (some looks are disasters I have to say), but I really love this show because it teaches me a lot about life, friendships and relationships. Every time I re-watch the show, I learn something new. In this article I want to share some life lessons I have learned from "Sex and the City."


No matter what happened—break-up, cheating, cancer or marriage— Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte are always together and support each other. I feel lucky to have my best friends with me all the time. They support me no matter what happens to me, especially my BFF. She helped me get through a lot of things, including boy problems. I probably couldn't make it today without her help. We raised each other, and we grew up a lot. Boys may come and go, but a BFF is forever.

Don’t fake your feelings in a relationship

Sometimes, some relationships just won’t work. You think you two are perfect for each other at the beginning, but then you gradually feel that something (or worse, everything) is wrong. If you’re not happy, end it. Don’t fake your feelings in order to keep being in a relationship—this is stupid. Everything will just become worse if you choose to avoid your true feelings. Carrie chooses to end her relationship with Aleksandr (the artist) when she realizes that he could never give her the involvement that she wants.

It’s okay to have and enjoy casual sex

We talk about love, dating and relationships a lot. Those things are sweet and wonderful. However, sometimes, we just need casual sex. Not being ready for a relationship doesn’t mean that we have to refuse our sexual desire. Instead, embrace it. Not to mention, it’s already the 21st century where casual sex is totally acceptable. This is also related to what I’m going to talk about next—be yourself.

Be yourself

In "Sex and the City," everyone is so real. No one apologizes for who he/she is and no one changes himself/herself just because other people judge. Samantha doesn't change herself because of her neighbors—she moves to another place and keeps being Samantha instead. When Magda (the housekeeper) puts a statuette of The Virgin Mary in her nightstand, Miranda chooses to tell Magda to stop interfering in her life. Being yourself is the key to a happy life—who can be joyful while wearing a mask all the time? Sometimes, other people’s opinions are not that important. People all tend to judge others with their own life standards. However, it’s our life not someone else’s. If you are happy, then keep doing what you want and being happy.

Don’t look for the good one, look for the right one

Aidan might be a kind guy who knows how to take care of others. He is nice family man. But so what? He couldn't understand Carrie, the fantasies in her head and what she is passionate about—fashion. Remember how mad Carrie was when Aidan tries to “fix” her closet? As a person who loves fashion, I totally feel Carrie. Once a guy who wanted to date me told me that all my jeans look the same, so I don’t need that many pairs of jeans. I immediately knew that I wouldn’t go out with him anymore. Sometimes, a good man doesn't necessarily mean the right man. We need to find the right one who can understand and support us. Also, definitely don’t date someone who laughs at your Roberto Cavalli.

When it comes to "Sex and the City", I have too much to talk about. Thus, I’ll write another article about life lessons from SATC next week.

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