Kelly Cramer: Fighting Poverty with Nourish International

Name: Kelly Cramer
Year: Junior
Major: Strategic Communication with a minor in Business
Hometown: Avon Lake, OH
HC: What are you involved with on campus?
KC: I’m the Financial Director for the OSU chapter of Nourish International.  Nourish’s mission is to eradicate poverty by focusing on sustainability and student involvement.  We raise money through fundraisers during the year and go abroad to do service trips in the summer.  I basically make sure we’re on task financially; next year, I’ll be the Ventures Director, so I’ll be in charge of the fundraising.  I’m also involved with Real Life, which is a Christian organization.  We have weekly Bible studies and meetings.
HC: Tell me more about the work you do with Nourish International.
KC: Our main goals are raising money for a project every year and getting students involved.  We try to run sustainable fundraisers and from these we’ve been able to raise about $2,000.  We do this by holding events on campus like sports tournaments and Hunger Lunches.  
HC: What kind of project do you raise the money for?
KC: Our nonprofit (Nourish) partners with another nonprofit.  We’ll work towards a project together and during the summer, we go abroad.  For this summer, we are going to Uganda and are partnering with Global Health Network Uganda.  We’ll be doing prenatal and postnatal care and education.  We’ll also be building latrines, so working with sanitation and things like that.
HC: Will this be your first time doing one of these trips/projects?
KC: Actually, I had the chance to go to Peru last summer!  We partnered with an organization called Moche to work with the government on a health clinic.  We got to use the picks and shovels to build right next to the community’s members, which was a really valuable experience.
HC: What’s the most rewarding part of working with an organization like Nourish International?
KC: Being on a big campus, being devoted to one organization is really important.  I really loved going on the project [last year]; we felt a connection where all we shared was our humanity.  Through the money raised during the year, you get to see a tangible outcome.  Also, I like traveling a lot and getting to help out!
HC: What would tell someone who's interested in getting involved with Nourish International at OSU?
KC: We welcome members throughout the year!  Our meetings next quarter are Mondays at 6:30 in Campbell Hall 209.  Here's some contact info in case anyone wants to know more about us: you can find us on Facebook by searching for, "NOURISH INTERNATIONAL - The Ohio State Chapter,” or you can email the group at [email protected].
HC: What’s something people don’t know about you?
KC: I got a guitar for Christmas, so I’m trying to learn how to play, which is fun.
HC: What do you want to do after you leave OSU?
KC: I think I want to work in the non-profit sector; I want to help people and not be a cog in a machine.
HC: What’s your favorite OSU memory?
KC: Freshman year, I jumped in Mirror Lake twice.  I went with my guy friends in my dorm, jumped in, came back to the dorm, showered, got in my pjs … then my friend next door came over and was talking about how she wanted to go, but everyone had already gone … so I decided, why not?  So I went twice!  I got it out of my system I think!
HC: What’s one thing you want to do before you graduate?
KC: I want to go to the Short North Gallery Hop and check it out.  And I want to go to German Village and check out Schmidt’s, etc.