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Katie McCuen, ’14: Marketing Rep of OSU’s “Rent the Runway” Team

Name:  Katie McCuen
Year:  Junior
Hometown:  Montgomery, Ohio
Major:  Finance
Minor:  Textiles and Clothing
Involvement on Campus:  Rent the Runway Marketing Rep, Treasurer for Purchasing and Supply Management Association, Member of Delta Sigma Pi

HC:  What is Rent the Runway?
KM:  Rent the Runway is a website where girls can rent designer dresses, jewelry, and shoes for a fraction of the cost. Since the target market is college girls, each campus has a team of representatives that works on getting the word out about Rent the Runway through trunk shows, fashion shows, and various other events.

HC:  What do you do as the marketing rep for OSU’s Runway rep team?
KM:  I’m responsible for implementing and executing the marketing plan that is given to me by Rent the Runway corporate; for example, this month I have to visit a club and promote Rent the Runway.

HC:  What is your favorite part of being on OSU’s Runway rep team?
KM:   Since I’m a fashion minor, I love the exposure I get to the fashion world and the 50 percent discount doesn’t hurt either!

HC:  What would you tell someone who’s interested in being on OSU’s Runway rep team?
KM:  You have to be outgoing and comfortable talking to big groups of people and also be willing to dedicate a lot of time to the team.

HC:  What is one fun fact about you?
KM:  I have broken my foot five times.

HC:  What is your favorite thing about OSU?
KM:  I love all the people I have gotten to meet over the past few years.

HC:  What is one thing you want to do before you graduate?
KM:  I would really like to go on the ski club winter trip because I heard it’s really fun!

HC:  What do you want to do once you leave OSU?
KM:  I would like to be a retail fashion buyer for a large company such as Bloomingdales or Saks Fifth Avenue and, hopefully, live in New York City.


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