Judge of Style at the 2015 Emmy Awards


The highly anticipated Primetime Emmy Awards aired this past weekend. While we all were excited to see if our favorite actors ended up holding that gold trophy, we also enjoy judging those million dollar dresses and suits. Am I right? We snuggle onto our couches an hour or so beforehand to watch them strut down that notorious red carpet. It's a primetime for awing and ewing at their extravagant ensembles. I mean it's not called primetime for nothing.

We see the enthusiastic interviewer pull each celebrity towards the camera. "What are you wearing?" They matter of factly state some famous designer and the interviewer reveres with wild interest. While we may or may not know these famous designers, we will judge what they are wearing. It is time for some fashion scrutiny, ladies.



January Jones

Love the bright emerald color! It makes us think of a radiant mermaid! The shining star in the middle of her fitting jumpsuit added a small touch to that dazzling mermaid color. Jones knows how to pull off a jumpsuit! The color compliments her luminous skin; the flowly pants align with her tall figure and long legs. Some might not like the jumpsuit look, but if we were to make a change, I'd say it would look great as a flowy dress as well! Whatever the style though, Januray Jones still looked stunning.


Ariel Winter

Oh my goodness! Recognize this beauty? She plays the "nerdy" sister in the hit television series, "Modern Family". This dress is exquisite! The color, the fit, the assymetrical top are perfection. Red is such a sexy, powerful color and she sure owns it. Her glossy hair and gold bracelet acessorize the dress in every way. It fits her in all the right places, we can't help but yell, "yassss!" With all the right touches, Ariel Winters makes our best dress list!


Heidi Klum

Heidi, even though you have amazing fashion sense on "Project Runway", we have to question your fashion mindset when choosing this number. Did you clip a few feathers off Big Bird? The extreme contrast of materials between the flowy feathery side and the glittery lace to the finer detailed side of the dress just do not mesh well. We have to believe she was in her own "Project Runway" challenge and combined a bunch of left over material to make this ensemble.


Kerry Washington

While it is a risk to wear a dress with too much glitter and shine, the "Scandal" star, Kerry Washington, slayed in this shimmering ensemble! She looked absolutely radiant in it! The embroidered metallic material of the dress looks great on her skin tone and the plunge of the neckline gives it a scandalous touch! The embroidered shoulders and bottom lining enhance the unique quality! Overall Kerry Washington sure looked like a goddess!


Naomi Grossman

What was she thinking? Would you even count it as a dress or a couple pieces of fabrics that sit on certain parts of her body? The nude colors of the dress blend in drastically with her skin; it catches us off guard! Where is the rest of your dress, Naomi?


Joanna Newsom

Joanna, did you have trouble choosing what dress you should wear, so you wore two? She surprised us with a tool skirt underneath the blush-colored silk dress. It becomes unflattering the more you look at it! Zoom in on the detail of the bodice and it ruins it even more. The circular shape of the design seems misplaced by resembling the design of an enlarged broach across her chest!


Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts also wore that pink blush color, but she proved how to wear it right. This dress is elegent from top to bottom. The color compliments her angelic pale skin tone perfectly and her sleek hair pulled to the side lays nicely against the dress! The plunge of the dress doesn't come across as distasteful; it adds an attractive womanly quality to it. And the small touch of resplendent pearls accessorized the ensemble just right! Applause all around!

While I wish we could scrutinize all the dresses that walked the red carpet, these are just a couple of outfits we can either give a thumbs up to or a thumbs down! Hopefully these stars will follow their great fashion choices or learn from their horrible ones, so they can come back next year looking fabulous!