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The Jacket You’ve Been Looking For This Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OSU chapter.

I don’t know about anyone else, but every year during this time of the season I feel as though I must have that staple fall jacket enhancing my outfit, easily paired with just about any look I want. You may be able to relate to the fact that normally it’s hard to find that one item you’ve been on the hunt for. The sleeves are too short, the material isn’t what you want, or the color is slightly off from the piece you’ve imagined. We’ve all been there, and it’s frustrating. Not to mention, this time of the year is often when I catch myself in a bit of a fashion slump as well. It feels almost like writer’s block, but in the fashion sense; I suddenly lose inspiration and my creative thoughts vanish when piecing outfits together. Truthfully, I blame this on the mix of cold weather and exams tiring my creative side.

If you need help finding some inspiration this fall, scroll through some of your favorite fashion influencers’ blogs and Instagram posts. This always aids in sparking my creativity when it comes to fashion. Whether you’re in a bit of a style rut, or just looking for the perfect jacket to go with all the fall & winter trends, I put together a list to help you out!

1) Faux Shearling Coat (Forever 21, $59.90) 

2) Faux Shearling Jacket (Forever 21, $58.00) 

3) Brave Soul Heavenly Coat in Curly Faux Fur (ASOS, $56.00)

4) Brave Soul Macy Trucker Jacket in Borg (ASOS, $48.00) 

5) Pink Vinyl Puffer (Pretty Little Thing, $68.00) 

6) Black PU Aviator Jacket (Pretty Little Thing, $115.00)

7) Downtown Teddy Jacket (White Fox Boutique, $94.86)

8) Drop Shoulder Pocket Front Teddy Coat (SHEIN, $36.00) 

9) Soft Faux Fur Jacket (ZARA, $69.90) 

10) Corduroy Jacket (ZARA, $49.90) 

11) Carmella Cozy Reversible Teddy Coat ($79.00) 

12) Teddy Coat (Abercrombie & Fitch, $120.00) 

13) Something Navy Teddy Faux Fur Coat (Nordstrom, $149.00) 

14) Borg Coat (TopShop, $130.00) 

15) Cream Collarless Teddy Coat (Missguided, $97.00) 

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