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Isak Holt ’15

Name: Isak HoltYear: JuniorHometown: Lancaster, OHMajor: Athletic TrainingRelationship Status: Single

HC: Tell us about yourself in three words.IH: Energetic, laid-back, athletic.

HC: What’s your favorite movie?IH: Remember the Titans.

HC: What has been your favorite experience at OSU?IH: Definitely rushing my fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. It was great meeting all of my brothers and I’ve made friends here that I’ll have the rest of my life.

HC: What are your career aspirations/goals after college?IH: I want to go on to grad school for Physical Therapy.

HC: Who is your role model? Why?IH: I’m very blessed to have an amazing family, but if I had to choose one person it would be my mom. She has always supported me, from letting me playing whatever sport I wanted, to allowing me to choose the college I wanted to go to. The more I grow up, the more I realize how much she has sacrificed for me to have a great childhood.

HC: Describe your perfect date.IH: Taking a girl to a Reds game, go out to dinner after, then go night swimming/hot tubbing.

HC: What qualities do you look for in a girl?IH: The first thing I notice about a girl is her teeth. I also love girls that have a fun personality and can act like themselves around me.

HC: What are you involved in outside of classes?IH: Just about any intramural sport; I’m in a slow pitch softball league and, as I said above, I’m a brother of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

HC: What’s your biggest turn off?IH: A girl who is really clingy in public. I don’t mind some PDA, but there is a line between what is acceptable and what is not.

HC: What is something most people don’t know about you?IH: I love going on random drives to cool off or even if I just want to jam to music (usually Taylor Swift).

HC: Where’s your favorite place to be on campus?IH: Honestly it’s the ARC because I love exercise, and it is the least crowded gym on campus, which means less guys who think it is beneficial to moan when they lift.

HC: What’s a fun fact about yourself?IH: I’m a huge nerd with my major. I love diagnosing people’s injuries, randomly taping up my friends, cracking their back, and mixing Gatorade for everyone.

OSU PR/Events Team
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