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How to Show Yourself Some Valentine’s Day Love Based on Your Love Language

Whether you’ve been in a relationship or not, you’ve likely heard of the Five Love Languages. Popularized as a tool for happy and healthy partnerships, pinpointing your top love languages can actually help rebuild your relationship with yourself. Here are a few ideas of how to treat this Valentine’s Day yourself based on your love language:

1. Words of Affirmation

Affirm yourself! Write down positive mantras in a journal or on sticky notes sprinkled around your room. Another useful practice is mirror work, or repeating uplifting phrases to yourself in the mirror. While this may make you feel ridiculous at first, it’s proven to build confidence and diminish insecurities.

2. Quality Time

Spend some quality time really getting to know and appreciate yourself. Instead of waiting around for someone to take you on a date, take yourself on one! This could be in the form of an upscale solo dinner at your favorite restaurant, or any other activities you’ve always dreamed of doing with a partner. However, equally as important is spending meaningful time alone. Whether that comes in the form of writing down your thoughts or taking time to navigate your emotions, make sure you get truly comfortable being by yourself.

3. Acts of Service

Treat yourself like someone you love! Do all the nice things you wish a partner would do for you for yourself. Take the time to cook a warm comfort meal if you’re feeling down. Or, if the outside world is too scary and you can’t seem to escape the confines of your bed, make sure you have a glass of water and snacks on your nightstand. The smallest gestures can be the most meaningful ones when you’re showing yourself kindness.

4. Gift Giving

As someone who loves giving gifts to the people I love, I’ve only recently learned to reflect this practice inwards. Now, during my weekly trip to the grocery store, I make sure to pick up flowers for myself. For a small price, it truly brightens up my day and my room. If the gift is meaningful, all the better – what matters most is not the cost of the item, but what it symbolizes to you. If you are celebrating a goal or milestone, that’s all the more reason to reward yourself.

5. Physical Touch

This is probably the most difficult love language to translate into self-love. I suggest buying yourself a weighted blanket to generate positive, biological sensations of comfort and safety. Or, purchase life-size stuffed animals you can cuddle to sleep. Even better, transform your bed into a cozy sanctuary. Splurge on luxurious sheets and blankets, and elevate every fabric that comes in contact with your skin.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, make sure you are showing yourself some extra love!

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OSU '23
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