An Honest Review Of The Very Expensive Creme De La Mer

La Mer is a well-known, high-end skincare and makeup brand, and its costly face cream Creme De La Mer is famous for the “miraculous repairing function.” La Mer has three different kinds of face creams. Gel is for oily skin, cream is for dry skin and soft cream is kinda in between. My personal skin type is combination, and my T-zone can sometimes be really oily, so I picked the soft cream. The cheapest place to buy it is a British website called Selfridges—for a 30ml container of soft cream, it is $130 (on Sephora, it is $175 before tax). However, you need to pay £25.00 for international shipping, which is roughly $32.60.

(photo from La Mer official website)

I think this soft cream is good to use before going to bed. As I mentioned, my skin type is combination, so this face cream is little bit too heavy to use in the morning. This product smells like baby cream and is not overly aromatic (although I know some people don’t like the smell). Right after using it my skin feels very soft, and the moisturized feeling can last at least overnight.  

Overall, I think this is a really good face cream. It won’t magically “repair” your skin and let you have flawless skin overnight (I don’t think any face cream can do that), but it did make my skin more delicate and smooth. It didn’t help a lot with my pimples, but that’s not its main function anyway. Because it’s kinda heavy, you also probably couldn't use it during the summer. I have to admit that this face cream probably isn’t worth $130. Especially when you look up the ingredients, you will find many ingredients that you can also find in a face cream that’s half the price of La Mer; for example Phenoxyethanol, Cetyl Alcohol and Sodium PCA are found in multiple similar products. However, I don’t know the doses of all these ingredients, so there could be a difference!

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