Holiday Survival Kit: Feel Bold and Brand New

It's the best time of year: the Holidays are upon us! Being a college student right now though, stress is probably running through your veins, you are attempting all-nighters, your room is a disaster, consumption of coffee is at an all time high for you, and you are probably sporting the "I just woke up" look— wearing your comfiest leggings, your hair in a messy bun, and barely any makeup on your face. It's the finals week look most all college women wear during a time when all we want to do is think about the holiday festivities. We've received the holiday survival kit though! Most of us are going to use these items once finals are over, because most of our time now is being consumed with either studying for finals or worrying about finals. We did however, receive a surplus supply of 5-Hour Energy, so now we'll have a better chance of staying awake during those late-night hours of studying.

We have facemasks, shaving cream, bronzer, eyeliner, mascara and lip-gloss. Get dolled up to go see the zoo lights, go to a Christmas party, go Christmas shopping, or simply get ready just to feel fierce, confident and beautiful during this joyous holiday season. 

We have three different 7 Wonders facemasks. Each facemask needs to be worn for 20-25 min. The first facemask, Amazonian Acai Anti-Pollution Mask, works to create glowing healthy skin, purify and detoxify skin, and neutralize skin-damaging free radicals. The second facemask, Kalahari Melon Moisturing Mask, works to deeply hydrate skin, smooth rough, dry skin, and moisturize and soften skin. The third facemask, Caribbean Coconut Calming Mask, works to soothe irritated skin, freshen pores, and nourish sensitive skin types. Once finals are over, take a mental health day and relax. Take care of your body— that includes your skin! 

We received bronzer as part of our holiday survival kit. As bronzer should be two shades darker than your natural skin tone, we received several different shades— this being one shade to create a smooth natural-looking glow. You can add this as a final touch to set the look. 

When the madness of finals ends you can finally shave those legs. Because let's be honest—did you really spend time to shave your legs during finals week when all you wore were leggings and sweatpants? We all know those days though when you realize you are all out of shaving cream. Travel size shaving creams, like this one, come in handy so often— when visiting someone, on vacation, or even at home when you realize you are all out. The holiday survival kit has got us covered. 

I'm not a fan of pencil eyeliner. But I can say after using this one from the holiday survival kit, I was entirely surprised at how good it looked. This Rimmel London waterproof eyeliner runs brilliantly black and lasts hours. Waterproof eyeliner is always a plus, especially during this time of year when the wintry cold induces unwanted tears. No black smudges today! 

Every girl loves mascara! This Rimmel London "Scandal Eyes" mascara makes your eyes pop and we love it. It darkens and thickens every lash in one fluid motion, as any nice mascara should do. I had no clumps after using it; every lash stood out brilliantly black and luscious. And it enhanced my eyes nicely with the pencil eyeliner, so that my eyes looked larger and brighter. 

The holiday survival kit also included Rimmel London Provocalips lip gloss—kiss proof lip-color. Each lip-gloss has 2 different sides: step 1 and step 2. Step 1, the colored side, should be applied first. True to its label, each lip gloss applies an intense shade of pink or purple. Step 2, the side decorated with multi-colored lips is the lock and shine stage. Close one end of the tube, flip it around, and finalize the look. Lasting 16 hours, Provocalips does not come off with a swipe of a hand or the tip of a glass. You can rely on these lip-glosses to retain their color and shine all day. 

Titled as kiss proof lip color, each shade comes with its own bold name. A girl with brilliant lips is a girl to watch out for; watch out boys.



Thanks to the holiday survival kit, we will be strutting through the holidays prepared to take on the world with a fresh face, glowing cheekbones, dazzling eyes, and bold lips. xoxo