The Holiday Gift Guide For Everyone In Your Life

Yes, I am fully aware that it is not even Thanksgiving yet. But with the holidays just a little more than a month away, parties and gift exchanges are approaching faster than you think. Read on to discover original gift options for every person in your life!


Last year I got my mom a necklace with the coordinates of Columbus on it, since I went away to school and it was a way to have a part of me with her. She wears it all the time and brings it up often in conversation, so I would say this is a win-win. If you are away at college, this would be a cute option.

- Coordinate Necklace


This year I’m considering getting my sister a catch all dish with something everyone appreciate-Target pajama sets. I think it’s simple, but something she would really appreciate and love to receive. 

- Personalized Jewelry Dish

- Pajama Set


If I get my brother for our annual gift exchange, I am ordering this game STAT. I secretly want to play it myself, but I can already see him giggling over the memes.

- What do You Meme? Game


Dads are notoriously hard to shop for. They just don’t want practical things (like, sorry Dad, I can’t afford a new lawnmower.) I’m opting to get my dad something practical, yet thoughtful. You know, a flask. 

- Personalized Flask

Boyfriend/Significant Other

Buying gifts for your significant other is also quite the challenge. I’m thinking of buying band posters to decorate his room and maybe also a unique guitar pic. At the very least, he can utilize the pick.

- Guitar Picks


I think shopping for friends is the easiest thing ever. They will happily appreciate anything you give them, since simple gifts are the best gifts. I would recommend succulent planters, nail polish, candles, or scrunchie sets for your girlfriends.

- Succulent Planter

- Candles

- Nail Polish Kit

Happy gifting, everyone! :) 

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