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Here Comes Homecoming!

It’s here! Parades, pep rallies, blood drives, and beautiful people means Homecoming has arrived and there are still plenty of opportunities to get involved and show your spirit!

A brief history/overview of OSU Homecoming:
OSU is celebrating 100 years of the Homecoming tradition this year, and going with the theme “The Best It’s Ever Been.” Throughout history, OSU’s Homecoming traditions and events have progressed and changed with the growing society around them. The parade and pep rally were not original components of the celebration, but were added later on and serve as a fun way to get involved and celebrate Ohio State’s exceptional court members. Originally, only a Homecoming Queen was nominated, but as the years went on, OSU saw the need to recognize our outstanding male students, as well. The most current Homecoming celebration consists of a week full of activities, a pep rally and parade, a slew of alumni events, and plenty of chances to involve yourself in one of Ohio State’s many traditions!

Get involved and participate!
Homecoming week is a great time to experience the true Buckeye spirit and here are a few opportunities in which you can do so:


  • Rock the Vote: Campus Bus Tour (St. John’s Loop on Woodruff Ave. 12:00 – 6:00PM):  Voting season is approaching, so take this opportunity to learn about being a more active citizen, and the voting process as a whole. In addition, there will be plenty of political celebs to meet and greet!


  • If you know an Alumnus, make sure you tell them about the many events happening all over campus in honor of them (starting at 9:00AM)!
  • Show your spirit by doing a good deed and donating blood in the Ohio Union starting at 11:30AM.
  • If needles skeeve you out, do yourself a favor and show your spirit by attending the Homecoming parade starting at 6:30PM! If you’re out running around on campus, don’t fret: the parade is routed all over the place.
  • Deck yourself out in all your Scarlet and Gray, and head over to the Union at 7:45PM to see the pep rally and get pumped to beat the socks off Nebraska the following night!

As the week wears on, more events may be added, so be sure to check out http://homecoming.osu.edu for more information and updated events! So come on out, support your school’s most accomplished students, and help make this Homecoming the best it’s ever been!

Picture source: http://homecoming.osu.edu/posts/images/img_hclogo_522012_113133882.jpg

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