Google Contributes toward Cancer Research

Apple's recent product launch introduced its new iPhones along with another product that will be coming out in the spring of 2015, the Apple Watch. Its features include a more accurate way of telling time, it acts as a fitness buddy, provides easier ways to connect with your friends and family without pulling out your phone all the time, and a few other awesome features.

It seems like the Watch can do it all, but could it ever help find the cure to cancer? No way.

On October 28, 2014, Google announced that it is working on a technology that will come in the form of a pill and a wrist-worn sensor, which can detect diseases through nanoparticles.

The research unit in charge of this project, Google X, is hoping that it will be able to detect minor swings in tumor cells, notice early signs of heart attacks or strokes and aid with other diseases before they become a problem.

This isn’t the first time Google has made its way into the healthcare system. In January, it came out with a contact lens that can help monitor blood glucose levels through tears in the eyes of diabetic patients.

Let’s all give Google a high-five for being proactive and trying to help our world stop life-threatening diseases before they happen. 

We owe a HUGE thank you to Andrew Conrad, the head of Google X Life Sciences. 



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