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Get the Low-Down on All Your Favorite Campus Cuties!


Have you ever wondered if the cute jock in your class has the type of manners that would make your mom blush? Wish you knew more about your adorable project partner? Or perhaps you’ve had the desire to put out a campus-wide newsletter warning your fellow ladies about a particular man? If any of these situations ring true for you, I have your long-awaited solution, ladies, and it goes by the name of Lulu. Lulu, a free app that’s been out for about seven months now, allows girls to rate previous hookups, friends, relatives, boyfriends (current and ex), and crushes on a variety of matters, including humor, looks, manners, ambition, skills (or non) under the sheets, and more!

The brilliant founder of Lulu, Alexandra Chong, came up with the idea for the app over brunch with some girlfriends and started a way of revolutionizing girl talk through an open and honest channel. As if launching an app isn’t ambitious enough, Alexandra served as the Global Head of Marketing for Upstream, one of the world’s largest mobile marketing companies, and is currently a regular column writer for The Sunday Times about start-up life. Basically, this girl really knows what she’s doing and continues to climb the ladder of success with the release of Lulu. Here’s a quote from Alexandra, explaining a little about the app and what she hopes girls will gain from it: “The idea of Lulu came about after a post-Valentine’s day brunch with my girlfriends when I realized that the candor of the conversation completely changes when you bring even one guy into the discussion. I decided to create an app that is a girls-only community where we can pool our knowledge and feedback into one centralized place, which becomes something like a navigation tool for women. The vision of Lulu is to unleash the power of girl talk and create a private, positive environment where women can support and empower each other to make smarter decisions, starting with relationships.”

The app launched last February and is FREE to download in the app store, or you can even fulfill your curiosity about your latest crush on Lulu’s website: www.onlulu.com. Over a million girls are actively using Lulu, so here’s the low-down on how the app works so you don’t get left behind!

How exactly does Lulu work? The app takes its cues from the real world, allowing girls to create ‘reviews’ about guys. A review works similar to a Cosmo quiz–girls answer some multiple-choice questions that relate to the guy’s sense of humor, manners, ambition, commitment level, and appearance. However, Lulu is not like Yelp; girls are not able to put in their own comments.

Who can see my reviews? In case you’re worried about ex-boyfriends getting angry about reviews or your crush getting a peek about what you’re saying, not to worry! Lulu is completely anonymous and all activity is private.

Can Lulu post on my Facebook? No. To add to the privacy statement, Lulu does require you to sign in to your Facebook, but only so it can check your gender (no boys allowed!), find your friends, and make signing up a breeze. Lulu will never post to your Facebook!

If you’re still curious about some of the other mechanics of Lulu, be sure to check out their FAQ page on their website!

In conclusion, this app is a necessity for us collegiettes trying to wade through the masses of men and unveil the people they truly are. I’ve spent countless hours rating guys on this app (many of those hours logged during sleep-inducing lectures, oops!) and have  so much fun searching some of my close friends to see what other girls think of them. It’s also a great karma boost to throw some good reviews at your friends! And I’m not alone in my opinions; check out what some other Ohio State girls think of it:

“My friends and I have looked on Lulu to see if any of our guys friends had any reviews. It’s actually pretty funny how accurate some of them were. It’s also very easy and quick to submit your own review.”

“Lulu is great because I can creep on guys without them knowing. Then I know if they’re shady or cool.”

So, don’t wait another minute–download Lulu right now and discover those #TallDarkAndHandsome, #AlwaysHappy, #Trustworthy guys! 

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