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Gavin Funk: Man’s Best Friend

The common saying, "man's best friend" holds different connotations for Gavin Funk. This week Her Campus interviewed him on his relationship with his favorite pet, which happens to be a hedgehog. He proves that "man's best friend" can relate to even the unlikeliest of pets. Read on to learn about the inseparable bond between a man and his hedgehog.

 Major: Undecided

Hometown: Parma, OH

Year: Sophomore

Her Campus: What is her name?

Gavin Funk: Marceline the Hedgehog Queen; Marcie for short.

HC: What made you decide to get a hedgehog?

GF: My older sister had her for a few months before she moved to a new place and needed to re-home her. She still doesn't know I changed her name. Shh!

HC: When and where did you get her?

GF: I personally picked her up this past May from my sister's place. Of course with a car packed full of friends who wanted to see her. I believe my sister got her from a breeder she researched in southern Ohio.

HC: How old is she?

GF: She will be one this coming December, so she's 10 months now!

HC: What is your favorite thing about her?

GF: She is equally adorable, adventurous, and grumpy. She always makes me smile.

HC: What kinds of things does she like to do?

GF: She loves to explore, whether it's a mountain of blankets or just a plain old room. I think the only things she loves more than that are eating and laying on my stomach getting chin rubs.

HC: What kind of food do you feed her?

GF: Surprisingly, cat food! A bit of high protein cat food and the occasional hedgie-safe veggie or insect. She gets grumpy if you don't give her some variety. I guess even hedgehogs get palate fatigue.

HC: Why do you think hedgehogs make great pets?

GF: Hedgehogs may be odd and independent, but still trust and love you if you take care of them well. They are a bit tricky to take care of. For example, their temperature must be regulated. So if you're thinking of getting one read up first!

HC: If you could have another pet what would it be and why?

GF: It would be a dog of course! Dogs are magical beings. They're loyal, adorable (even when they're not), and they can eat as much as I can! Plus my family's dog treats Marcie like her own baby. They get along so well.




I just recently transferred to OSU and am currently a sophomore studying English. Already being surrounded by all that OSU has to offer in such a short time has made me realize I made the right choice. I see limitless opportunities around me waiting to be accessed and experienced. I plan to make the most out of my time here at The Ohio State University.
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