Freeman Beauty Face Masks Are The Perfect De-Stresser

Face masks can be a great way to de-stress during exams or clear up your skin during a major breakout. With a stressful finals week approaching my roommate and I used Freeman’s face masks before a crazy week of studying.

I used the charcoal and black sugar mud mask which had a mild scent and felt cool on my skin when I applied it. My roommate tried the sweet tea and lemon mask, and while she applied it we agreed it kind of smelled like glue, but it wasn’t bad enough to stop her from using it.

After we let our masks dry it was time to see if these masks would save our skin cracking under the stress of finals. While the peel-off mask was easy to remove I spent a while scrubbing off my mud mask but it was worth it. The mask left my skin feeling soft and my pores were noticeably smaller!

If you're in the market for a quick face mask that won’t break the bank I would recommend trying these out!

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