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Five Emotions You Actually Feel If You’re Single On Valentine’s Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OSU chapter.

Yeah, okay, February 14th is a holiday; no one can deny that. However, this specific holiday can provide a lot of friendly reminders that you’re lacking a bit in the relationship department and that you’re a generally single person. The go-to reaction you receive from everyone else is that you’re sad or that you need to be set up or that you really just can’t be alone. I find this notion to be untrue, and I’m sure my fellow single ladies feel the same. In fact, when this glorious holiday rolls around these are five specific feelings I have that in no way reflect an underlying feeling of sadness or loneliness.

1. Relief 

As Valentine’s Day rolls around, so do the expectations (especially for women) to plan the best night for their significant other. You have to plan a dinner, entertainment and buy a gift while pretending to be ecstatic when your significant other’s special gift for you is a window-scraper for your car. Valentine’s Day is a lot of pressure, and if you don’t get it right you’ll be hearing about it for months to come. It is because of this set of expectations that I feel relief as I watch all of my coupled friends frenzied trying to plan the best night. 

2. Independence

Name a more liberating feeling than only having to take care of yourself…I’ll wait. Yes, I understand that I’m alone but what I am not is shackled to the preferences and opinions of a significant other whom I am obligated to appease. Valentine’s Day is not a reminder that I am not in a relationship. It is a reminder that I am living a life that is bound by whims that are mine alone, and it is absolutely refreshing.

3. Peace 

Sometimes it’s nice to have some “me” time. Dating is hard and cumbersome. Constantly listening to your blind date tell stories of how they got totally plastered at that party last weekend (like I care) and pretending to be interested is exhausting. If you don’t believe me, go try it. Embrace not having a boo to tend to and use Valentine’s Day as a reprieve from listening to other people talk about themselves and let yourself enjoy your own company. Remember, you’re a really cool person.

4. Hope

When women are single, it is not because they are actually incapable of being with another person. At least for me, being single is about waiting for the person who matters instead of wasting time with these losers. As every Valentine’s Day comes and goes, I consistently feel hope that the next person I spend time with will make this waiting worth it. 

5. Empowerment

I don’t know about you but when “Single Ladies” comes on, I go absolutely nuts. There is no better feeling than being alone and feeling totally okay about it. You are able to be your own person, do as you please and find someone who respects that. As I watch my coupled friends every Valentine’s Day I feel empowered that I do not need a significant other to feel content with myself.

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