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Five Cities You Should Really Consider Adding to Your Travel Bucket List

As I peered up and glanced at the large and luminous airport monitors, dreading leaving Florida after spring break, I noticed the vast amount of cities that people travel to — that I could travel to. After this, I began thinking about all of the places I want to explore and after some research, these top five places are a must if you want travel and adventure! As college students, we might not exactly have the funds for these trips, but the least we can do is make some additions to our bucket lists.

1. Barcelona, Spain Barcelona attracts many different tourists from all over the world. You could visit historic sites, such as Sagrada Familia, or party by the beach in one of Barcelona’s numerous nightclubs. Not to mention muchos chicos guapos.

2. Paris, France

Most of us have probably thought about a trip (or seven) to Paris in our lifetimes, especially with your beau that’s madly in love with you, so you cannot leave Paris off the list! See the city on the top of the Eiffel Tower, walk through the Shanzelize, visit the Louvre (home to the Mona Lisa), or enjoy some shopping in this fashion capital. Paris cannot be overlooked.

3. Acapulco, MexicoWhen most of us think about vacation in Mexico, the first thing that comes to mind is probably Cancun or the Kristin, Stephen, Lauren love triangle drama in Cabo from Laguna Beach. However, even though we definitely need to dip our toes in the Cancun waters and order drinks in a Cabo swim-up bar, Acapulco, Mexico is just as fun, if not more. Acapulco offers picturesque beaches, beautiful resorts, and the party never ends.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Besides the famous coffee shops, Amsterdam is home of delicious street food, art galleries and museums, as well as its unique canals. Rent a bike for the day and discover the city!



5. Melbourne, Australia Famous for the many rooftop bars and restaurants, the view in Melbourne has to be amazing, right?  



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