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Famous Ohio State Alumni

To keep your Buckeye pride levels up throughout the summer, we decided to feature a few nationally-known celebrity OSU alumni—from star athletes to entrepreneurs, Ohio State has produced some of the most accomplished and well-known people in our country.  We are proud to be Buckeyes, and wanted to inspire our collegiettes™ with a list of 10 individuals who have realized their dreams with the help of an OSU education.  Ohio State students make an impact that reaches long and far; there is a reason you can shout “O-H!” and get an “I-O!” literally anywhere.  This list represents only a fraction of the many notable alumni, and we encourage you to look up the rest of them to get further motivated this summer!

1. Melina Kanakaredes.   Solving crimes on CSI: NY isn’t the only cool thing about this actress—she also attended OSU.

2. R.L. Stine, author of the Goosebumps books. We all read them as kids; maybe the creepiness of the Oval at night inspired some of these childhood thrillers.

3. Leslie Wexner, CEO and founder of Limited Brands Co. One of the most influential and affluent businessmen in Columbus (and in the country) is in fact an alumnus of our school!

4. Patricia Heaton, who has won an Emmy Award for her role on the popular TV show Everybody Loves Raymond, was a Delta Gamma at Ohio State.

5. The rapper and music producer Lil Jon, better known as Jonathon Mortimer Smith back in the day when he attended OSU.

6. Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown received two Masters degrees from OSU in Education and Public Administration.

7. George Steinbrenner, owner of the New York Yankees for 37 years, was a graduate assistant to the legendary Woody Hayes during his time at OSU.

8. A.J. Hawk, the NFL Green Bay Packers’ linebacker.

9. Mike Sexton, who is the main host of the World Poker Tour and a professional poker player himself.

10. The co-founder of Wikipedia, Larry Sanger, obtained a Ph.D. from OSU in 2000.


Kali Grant is the founding Editor-in-Chief and Campus Correspondent for the OSU chapter of Her Campus. Kali is pursuing a B.A. in Public Affairs at the John Glenn School with a minor in Communication and is excited to be in her senior year. Kali is a student research assistant at the Glenn School and is a proud member of the Zeta Alpha chapter of Chi Omega. Kali has spent her collegiate summers interning with The Institute on Women and The Salvation Army and studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina. When she’s not daydreaming about returning to New Orleans and San Francisco, Kali loves drinking coffee, talking about cats and politics, and trying out questionable vegetarian recipes.
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