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Emma Baranski: Student-Athlete

Name: Emma Baranski

Year: Sophomore

Major: Arts Management

Minor: Dance

Hometown: Hamden, Connecticut

Hobbies: Dance, cooking and baking, shopping

Emma is a member of Ohio State’s Synchronized Swimming team as well as being a full time student. She has been swimming for 11 years and was a member of the 2010 13-15 National Team, the 2011 Junior National Team, and 2013 National Team. She has won multiple national titles and was part of the Ohio State National Championship winning team her freshman year.

Her Campus: Why did you decide to come to OSU?

Emma Baranski:I came to OSU because I loved the wide variety of majors that they offered. I also came because they have one of the strongest synchronized swimming teams in the country. And I love the big school atmosphere.

HC: What’s your favorite part about OSU?

EB: The team spirit. There is so much Buckeye pride everywhere!

HC: What do you miss the most about home when you’re at school? 

EB: One thing I miss most when I am at school is being with my family.

HC: Favorite thing about Ohio?

EB: My favorite thing about Ohio is all the amazing ice cream places. Ex: Jeni”s and Graeter’s

HC: What’s the hardest part about being a student athlete?

EB: The hardest part about being an athlete is juggling a balanced life. It is very hard to get homework done, become involved in clubs, go to practice and get enough sleep! Last semester was very challenging for me because we would have practice at 5:30am. I would have to make sure I got to bed early and took time out of my day to take naps so that I had enough energy to make it through my classes.

HC: The best part? 

EB: The best part about being an athlete is having a team and having so much support from my team and other athletes on campus.

HC: Where is the coolest place you’ve gone for a meet?

EB: The coolest place I have ever gone for a collegiate meet was Fort Lauderdale Florida with my team for spring training last year. We worked so hard that whole week, but it was all worth it when we got to see the beach and train in the International Swimming Hall of Fame pool.

HC: Best synchro experience? 

EB: I have so many great synchro experiences. However, my favorite experience and most memorable experience would be when my team finished a perfect swim at Nationals. After we finished the swim we all looked at each other realizing we gave that swim our all and could not have performed it any better. We were all so proud to be Buckeyes and immediately huddled into one hug, giving our family and friends in the stands a big O for Ohio. At that moment we all realized that the score didn’t matter to us, we were united no matter what!

HC: Biggest synchro accomplishment, most proud moment?

EB: My biggest synchro accomplishment would be winning the Junior National solo title in 2013. I was the first East Coast swimmer to win a Junior National solo title since 1955. This was such a proud moment for me because this was a goal I was working towards almost my entire life. When so many people thought I could never become a national champion, it made me want to work harder. I am proud of myself for pushing through and never giving up.

HC:What’s your biggest goal?

EB:My biggest goal would to be a performer for Cirque du Soleil and possibly go to the Olympics in 2020. 

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