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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OSU chapter.

A Thank You Letter To Ohio State

The most bittersweet moment of our academic careers is finally upon us: college graduation. As we enter our final weeks as Ohio State students, a senior farewell feels necessary. Ohio State has given us friends and memories of a lifetime, something everyone should be fortunate enough to experience through college. Over the last four years, we’ve been lucky enough to watch each other grow, and for that, OSU will always have a very special place in both of our hearts. Thank you, Ohio State, for taking us from strangers to forever friends. And with that, here are five of our most important takeaways from our OSU experience.

always say yes

If the two of us have learned anything during our time at Ohio State, it’s to always say yes to plans when you can. We all crave our solitude, but college is the one time in your life when you will be living in such close vicinity to all your friends, so if there’s anything you can do to soak in each day, it’s say yes to any and every plan you’re invited to. Some of our favorite moments as friends have been those last-minute yeses that have turned into unforgettable memories. And we’ll never forget the night we walked a mile in the pouring rain just for our favorite 1126 Lychee Martini.

Go To That RPAC Class With Your Friends

We get it — it can be hard to peel yourself out of bed before class and make it to that RPAC yoga class, but trust us: it’s worth it. Ohio State offers countless free workout classes that you and your friends can register for without ever having to step foot off campus. Whether it be an hour of yoga with your bestie or a cycle class with the girls in your hall, make sure you take advantage of all the amenities the rec centers have available!

Leave Your Door Open

You’ve definitely heard this a million times, but throughout our four years at OSU, we’ve learned that being open to new people and opportunities is the best way to get involved and meet friends. Without leaving our freshman-year dorm doors open, we probably would never have met. Be open to all of the possibilities that this school has to offer, and you’ll never be left alone. Some of the girls we will have alongside us at our weddings were once just strangers down the hall!

Don’t End The Night Without Sicilia’s

An Ohio State staple is Sicilia’s, and if you haven’t been with your friends yet, you’ve got to go ASAP. Not only is it the best pizza on campus, but it’s a second home to us and our friends. Our nights out together are truly not complete without a slice of ‘za from Sicilia’s as we laugh about the night we had. You will cherish these little moments forever, and don’t forget to sign the wall on your way out! 

Join That Student Org

Believe it or not, it was actually Her Campus at OSU that brought the two of us together. The first time we ever hung out one-on-one was on a long walk to the Union for a Sunday night meeting, and since that day we have been inseparable. Joining a student organization is a great way to fill free time and meet new people, and luckily Ohio State has an organization for any and every interest!

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Forever and always, O-H… 

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