Camden Levine: Ohio State's Up and Coming DJ

Name: Camden Levine

Year: Sophomore

Major: Business Operations and Logistics 

Student Organization: Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Soundcloud account:

Camden's love for all things EDM began his junior year of high school when he began live streaming music festivals. The euphoric atmospheres that brought people across the world together at these festivals inspired Camden to pursue a career in music. Nowadays he is opening for acts like Schwayze and DVBBS at the Life in Color event in Columbus on September 25th. Her Campus OSU got the chance to sit down with Camden and catch up with him about his up and coming music career. 

HC: How did you first enter into the music scene of Columbus?

CL: My music really started to take off once I came to Ohio State. Back home, in Connecticut, I was mostly playing local parties but I was able to meet some promoters in Columbus.

HC: How did the promoters find out about your music?

CL: The promoters found me through my soundcloud account and really enjoyed seeing that I was young and had a passion for the music I was creating. 

HC: What is your favorite part about playing one of your sets for a crowd?

CL: Hands down the crowd reactions. It is so rewarding to see them having just as much fun as you are with the music. 

HC: We know you were first inspired by music festivals, do you usually try to go to a lot of them throughout the year?

CL: The biggest one I have been to is Made in America. I have this superstition that if I go to one, I won't end up playing at it. Although, I'm starting to think I might be off on that since I have been to Life in Color before. 

HC: What inspires you the most with the music you create?

CL: With my music, the inspiration for the sounds is usually something that just hits me. I can't just sit in front of a computer for hours and put it together, I am typically inspired by random verses or noises I'll hear in a song or when walking around campus. These noises cue a trigger that brings it all together. I try to listen to around 50 songs a day to keep exploring new sounds. 

HC: What are your future plans? 

CL: Right now I plan on seeing how my music career develops over the next two years. If it's going really well when I graduate I hope to pursue it but if not, I will always have it as a passion.