Booties: The shoe for every look and season!

This shoe trend is one that transcends to every season! Booties can look cute with jeans, shorts, skirts, or dresses! They’re the most trendy all season shoe. They come in all types from peep toe, lace up, wedges and full coverage. They’re a huge trend we’re hoping stays for a while, here are 4 different ways to wear them and a few of our favorites!


With Jeans: Booties are a great way to change up your shoe look from the typical riding boot look. They also give you a little bit of height and make your legs look even better! 

With shorts: They can complete the outfit for a look that is a little more sophisticated than the typical sandals and shorts look. 

With a Skirt: Okay let’s be honest they basically go with every look, which is why we’re so in love with them. 

With a Dress:  Go for a peep toe to make it more of a summertime look! 

A few of our favorite booties for summer: