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  • Slippers

Honestly… who doesn’t need slippers? Or, in my case, you steal your mom’s slippers, so she needs her own. Slippers are necessary when the opposite involves walking barefoot on the cold floor (the exception is cozy socks, of course, which I will not discount from the slippers category). This is a gift that your mom will use every day (or you can steal them from her), However, that is only advisable if you plan on getting two pairs to match with her.

  • Custom Jewelry

This is one of the more personal options that can become a beautiful gift. From customizable necklaces to bracelets and rings, jewelry can add a loving detail to your mom’s birthday. Whether it’s a quote you want to be engraved on a bracelet or a meaningful picture in a locket, this gift might bring their tears to their eyes.

  • Buckeye-themed Merch

This one is a classic! What better way to showcase THE Ohio State University than having your mom at the forefront? I’m sure she would to talk about you everywhere she goes, so wearing an “OSU mom” shirt with pride or placing a magnet on the fridge is a need…probably both. You can get your hands on endless opportunities for OSU merch.

  • Spa Gift Certificate

This one makes me quite jealous…it’s almost painful when you buy that for someone but can’t enjoy it yourself, especially with back pain. Nonetheless, it feels amazing when your mom gets to take a break and relax. Therefore, what better way to relax than at the spa? I should not be hearing any complaints because I know that all of you want to be there while reading this.

  • A Purse/Bag

Yes. Not just a purse, but a big purse or a big bag. In all of my memories, my mother’s purse was an inescapable Narnia. Until that purse exploded, and she had to buy a new one…quite often actually. However, she never bought a bigger one. No… I had to do that for her last year. Chances are that your mom carries many things with her, to the point where you might find a Kroger membership card from over 10 years ago in her purse (yes, I did find one). If anything, get her something to put everything that she carries with her (make sure it matches what she typically carries).

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