Best Study Spots For Finals Review



It is nearing the end of the semester and everything is coming to an end. It is time to review or study materials for the finals. I’m here to give you best study spots on campus and off campus.

Thompson Library. Yeah. I know what you’re thinking. It’s super crowded. But it’s the time to explore and find out the nooks and crannies of the library. The upper floors have study tables and little armchairs with tables attached. And those floors boast of a great view. That is depending on what direction you are facing.

The 18th Ave library. It is open 24 hours people. Find a couch, table, or study room and get your studying on.

The chocolate factory. It is easily accessed with the 31 and just far enough from campus for you to feel human and functional again. Plus you are surrounded by pastries and coffee to snack on.

Au Bon Pain. There’s an Au Bon Pain just on 12th that is perfect for reviewing. It has a Starbucks like set up yet with fewer customers and less noise.

Starbucks of course. It is on high and it is in all the targets on campus. Strong coffee smells and a lot of white noise could help with a casual read through of your notes. Also, it is a perfect place to recharge.

The dining halls. There is a lot of room in the Scott and Kennedy for the casual review. It is not the best for the intense cram sessions but it’s great for reviewing the easy topics. Plus there is lots of food.


Honestly, most buildings on campus have cute study nooks with a traditional desk and table or a more comfortable little couch with a table attached. A change of scenery could make a world of difference for all the last minute preps.

Good Luck on Finals and Happy Holidays!