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The fashion of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle is one of my favorite topics. Every time one of them makes a new outing (in a new outfit), I scroll through my Instagram explore page and marvel at all the pictures. Meghan’s outfits are a really popular topic currently, considering she was recently married and now pregnant! Below I’ll list my personal favorites from the duchess. 

This casual look was for one of Meghan’s first public appearances with Harry, before they were even engaged. I am obsessed with how simple, yet chic, the white button down and jeans are. Her sunglasses are also super cute; they sold out on the website that day because everyone wanted them! 

Recently, Meghan and Harry traveled all over New Zealand and she had some really fashion-forward moments. This dress might be my favorite outfit she has ever worn, at least out of all her casual looks. I love that anyone could wear a dress like this, and it’s fun seeing Meghan’s “normal” clothing. 

A good suit is standard for a woman in a position of authority, and Meghan’s is perfect. She nailed it down to the taper of the ankle. If it weren’t Yves San Laurent, I’d buy it. Perks of being a duchess I suppose. 

When Harry and Meghan saw the musical Hamilton, she opted for a sleek black tuxedo dress. I have looked high and low for a dress similar to this, and I cannot find one that I like as much. Fun fact: she was actually pregnant here, but no one knew it. 

The last outfit is this fun button dress. It looks really comfortable, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t even that expensive. Also, whenever someone drapes their blazer over their shoulder instead of wearing it, they become automatically cooler. 

Meghan has obviously worn a million more outfits, but this article would be way too long for anyone to be interested in if I listed all the ones I loved. Forever wishing I had a royal-sized budget and admiring the fact that Meghan does.  

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