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Almay Shadow Squad™ Eyeshadow Review

The Her Campus Spring Survival Kits arrived and included a bunch of different little eyeshadow palettes from Almay’s Shadow Squad™ collection! I picked up two different palettes: “Cause a Stir” and “Less is More.” The “Cause a Stir” has more taupe and espresso shades, so I would use it more for evening looks or fancier events. “Less is More” has a peachy, champagne color scheme and would be perfect for an everyday look.Almay describes each palette as having “matte, satin, metallic and glitter” shades that blend together easily. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows was nice, and you did not really need a whole lot of product to have an effect. I thought the eyeshadow felt really soft and cushiony.

The four colors in each palette were really similar, but as the package stated, just varied a little in degree of shimmer. They mixed easily and because they all matched, it was hard to mess anything up! You could also definitely use both palettes together on the same look. Even though the palettes are tiny, they seem like they will last a while. Overall, the shadows were really quick and easy to use, and I really enjoyed the shades. I preferred the “Less is More” to the “Cause a Stir,” but only because I am more drawn to lighter colors. I will definitely use the eyeshadows in the future, especially for my day-to-day makeup routine!   

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Senior Marketing student at The Ohio State University with a minor in Fashion and Retail Studies 
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