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Alba Botanica® Hawaiian Green Tea Sunscreen Is My New Sunscreen Soulmate

As a natural redhead with hella freckles and sensitive skin, I’ve always struggled to find sunscreen that works for me. Most sunscreens leave my skin feeling irritated throughout the day, or worse, leave me with a breakout that won’t go away for weeks.

Skipping sunscreen isn’t an option for me though. Trust me, I’ve tried it before and my entire face matched my red lipstick later that night. Plus, skin cancer runs in my family, and that’s certainly something I want to avoid.  

However, thanks to Her Campus’s 2018 SB Survival Kit, I had the chance to test out the Alba Botanica® Hawaiian Green Tea Sunscreen SPF 45 on my SB vaca. I’ve used other Alba Botanica® products in the past with positive results, so I had some hope I finally found my sunscreen soulmate, but not much.

Alba Botanica® sunscreen on the beach/photo creds to Daniella Saul 

Alba Botanica® promises that their sunscreen is non-greasy and quick-absorbing, so I used it on my face each day of my five-day vacation to see for myself, and I’m impressed. It did its job of protecting me from sunburn, but didn’t break me out. I also couldn’t feel the sunscreen on my face after applying it and letting it dry.

Me wearing the sunscreen in Florida (P.S. someone take me back here) 

I would definitely recommend this product, and the fact that all Alba Botanica® products are botanically-based and cruelty-free makes it even more of a favorite. It also doesn’t include any active ingredients that could harm coral reefs, which is cool AF they even thought about that when making the product.

Cute dog posing with the sunscreen since it’s made cruelty-free so why not (any excuse for a pic of a dog)/photo creds to Jillian Fountain

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