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Academics: There’s a Variety of Classes at OSU

The Ohio State University offers a large variety of classes for students to take. While Ohio State students have over 200 majors to choose from, some of the most popular majors are Psychology, Marketing, Finance, and Biology.

Not only does Ohio State offer a wide variety of classes, but they also offer classes outside of the norm. As an Ohio state student, one can take classes areas such as yoga, self defense, boxing, rock climbing. There is even an Intro to Sky Diving course offered.

While some may be deterred by large lecture halls filled with hundreds of people, U.S. News and World reports that nearly one third of classes on Ohio State’s Columbus campus contain less than 20 students. Even in large lectures, a student is able to make themselves heard if they put in effort. Professors are very accessible and eager to help students. They hold office hours each week to talk to students outside of class.



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