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Using Love Languages to Bring Your Relationship to the Next Level This Summer

'Love' is a word used everyday for a variety of different things.

"I love this new shirt I bought online today," or, "I fell in love with this dog I saw earlier in the morning."

When it comes to relationships, everyone expresses their love a bit differently. Whether that be showering a significant other in gifts or simply spending time studying together, everyone loves, and likes to be loved, differently. Recognizing these difference can allow your relationships to grow to a deeper understanding. Using you and your SO's love languages allows you to form deeper connections with one another and takes 'I love you' to a whole new level.

There are five main love languages: words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service and receiving gifts.

Maybe you want to spice up your relationship, you feel like something is missing or you just watched the most recent season of "Bridgerton" on Netflix and want to make your enemies to lovers arc. Incorporating both of your love languages into your relationship is a great way to beat the trap of falling into boredom or spark something new with a special someone this summer.

Words of Affirmation

Everyone likes to hear good things about themselves. If your love language is words of affirmation, you might feel a deeper connection with someone who encourages you in your everyday life. You enjoy someone who tells you they appreciate you and what you do.

If you or your partner's love language is words of affirmation, here are some ways to add a bit of excitement to your time together:

  • Leave an unexpected note in the morning sharing how much you love them
  • Send good morning and night texts; who doesn't love to receive a sweet message to start and end the day?
  • Tell them you appreciate when they open up to you and you value that trust
  • Go camping under the stars; it allows for lots of quality conversations, not to mention the beautiful view
  • Recreate your first date and tell your partner what you were thinking and feeling that first time

Quality Time

Ahh yes! Everyone loves to spend time with that special someone.

In any relationship, or situationship, one-on-one time is critical. I'm not just talking about in the bedroom, but those whose love language is quality time, value deep conversations and creating special moments with their SO.

Make sure to set time aside for just the two of you; put that phone away for a few hours and give them your undivided attention.

Here are some ways to do this in the next few months:

  • Have picnics in a park
  • Go on walks or hikes in your area
  • Watch the sunset or sunrise together
  • Go on a getaway vacation together for a weekend, maybe to your favorite beach or lake
  • Have a movie night in your backyard; vamp it up with a tent, blankets and your favorite snacks
  • Create scavenger hunts to do together

Physical Touch

Being coddled by someone you admire and love can be one of the most comforting feelings in the entire world. Whether that be walking hand-in-hand, running errands together or having more intimate moments, physical touch is one of the most common ways of showing love and affection for the one your heart feels for.

Here are some examples:

  • Have a movie night together with lots of blankets and cuddling
  • Go to an amusement park together walking hand-in-hand
  • Bake pastries or make dinner together (we've all seen those movie scenes, come-on!)
  • Get massages
  • Go to a drive-in movie at your local theater
  • Go out dancing together or even DIY it yourself at home

Acts of Service

Sometimes it truly is the little things that count. Many people experience love through acts of service that go above and beyond daily actions. But for those who's love language is acts of service, these are simply thoughtful gestures. Letting your SO know you are thinking of them and you want to help lighten their load can go a long way in improving your relationship.

These do not have to be grand gestures, simply offering to get them gas for the week can make a big impact on taking your relationship to the next level.

These are some other ideas:

  • Go to an amusement park and win a prize for your SO
  • Make dinner at home for them
  • Go to a market and help with their grocery shopping
  • Make them a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy it outside together
  • Get tickets for their favorite concert
  • Have a baking day and make their favorite treats

giving and Receiving Gifts

Everyone loves to get a special present every once in a while.

We can't make the assumption that the people whose love language is receiving gifts are materialistic. It's the thought behind the gift that really matters. A SO values the fact that you were thinking of them when you looked at the item. The gift is a tangible item to represent your love for that special person. To them, that item brings love into the physical world rather than just a feeling.

Here are places to get your SO a gift and the items to get them:

  • Visit your local state fair and win them a prize!
  • Go to an art or music festival and check out all of the vendors there
  • Give them a flower that reminds you of them
  • Go to a beach and give them a seashell you find
  • Go thrifting together and keep watch for what catches their eye
  • Take your partner to a bookstore and watch what books they seem to enjoy. Buy that book and annotate it for them in your own words
Lexi Raus is a psychology student at Ohio State University. When she isn't studying at the library for class or writing she loves reading, music, playing with her two dogs that she claims are her babies, and running. She is from North Royalton, a suburb of Cleveland, and is excited to share her writing with everyone out there!
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