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9 Things Every Freshman Needs to Know

It’s that time of year again, HCOSU collegiettes!  There’s a new class of freshmen in town, and our staff weighed in on tips we have for those just starting their journey at the university. 

1. Take as many dance classes (in the OSU dance department) as you can — they’re really fun and they keep you in shape. – Hillary Frew

2. Be social in class!  Always talk to the person you are sitting next to or get to know at least one person in the class.  Be sure to exchange contact information; this way you have someone you can study with or ask what you missed if you can’t make it to class! – Jenna Alexander

3. Get enough sleep/avoid all-nighters whenever possible! – Julia Baddour

4. Don’t be embarrassed to talk to new people; everyone wants everyone else to make the first move. – Natalie Gabrenya

5. Don’t walk in groups of 40! – Zoe Chrysochoos

6. Don’t be afraid to have a night in! – Andi Zaferes

7. Go out of your comfort zone and try something new, like joining an organization that sounds interesting or doing something you’ve never done before – it’s college, and this is the time of your life where you really discover yourself! – Laveena Sehgal

8. Even though you may feel a little overwhelmed by everything in the beginning, do your best to enjoy it.  Lots of “new” = lots of opportunites! – Erin Berry

9. Don’t rush into a major if you aren’t sure and don’t be afraid to switch if you aren’t happy in your current major.  Remember that part of going to college is exploring different interests and figuring out what it is that you are most passionate about. – Erin Berry

10. GO TO YOUR TEACHERS’ OFFICE HOURS!  It’s so beneficial because your teachers will appreciate you making an effort to get to know them and do well in their class, and then you’ll be on their good side.  It’s worth it, especially with large lecture classes or online classes where it’s impossible for the teacher to get to know every student.  Just go talk to them! – Madeline Roth

There you have it, freshmen: get out there!  OSU is waiting!

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