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8 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself Over Spring Break

Do you plan to spend spring break somewhere that isn’t as warm and sunny as you had hoped? You can still relax and enjoy your time off without a tan! A spring break should be just that – a break. It’s a time for you to focus on yourself, including your mental health, and prepare for the rest of spring semester. Here are eight ways to relax over break:

1. De-clutter your dorm room

Over the course of the school year, a lot of us end up with way more stuff in our dorms than we came with. Spring break is a good time to get any unneeded stuff out of your room so that you don’t have to worry about packing everything during finals week. You can also take a few minutes to clean your dorm room and get prepared to start fresh after spring break.

2. Get some rest

We all have the habit of staying up late to study, only to get up early for classes the next morning. While it can be easy to continue this sleep schedule over spring break, try and use that time to catch up on rest and sleep in. You’ll feel much better and ready to head back at the end of the week if you’re well-rested. Change out your bedding so that you have nice, fresh sheets to sleep on, and catch some Zzz’s!

3. Keep plans to a minimum

Since spring break may be the only time you come home between winter break and summer vacation, you’ll want to see all your friends and family, and you might end up with a packed schedule every day of the week. But, this could leave you more stressed and tired than you were before break even started! Try and give yourself at least a few days with no concrete plans, so you can take some time for yourself without any structure.

4. Take a mental health break

Find something that relaxes you, and spend some time doing that throughout your break. Laying around and doing nothing can get boring fast, so try something that is relaxing but still stimulating, like coloring (I recommend this adult coloring book) or reading a book (other than a textbook!). 

5. Have a self-care day

Face masks, bath bombs, moisturizing, the works. Take a day to completely pamper yourself. Order your favorite takeout, pull up your favorite show on Netflix, and sit back and relax. Lush’s products, in my humble opinion, are second to none, and I love running a bath with the Unicorn Horn bubble bar. You could also head out and get a manicure, or just paint your nails yourself and have a spa day at home!

6. Update your spring wardrobe

While it may still be cold and snowy where you live, spring is on its way, and treating yourself to a spring-y new outfit can be a good way to refresh your wardrobe for the remainder of the semester! Plus, many stores are doing sales to get rid of their winter lines, so it is also a good time to stock up on cute sweaters and boots for next year. Retail therapy is the best kind of therapy, IMO.

7. Get some exercise

While it may not seem like it, one of the best ways to relax is to get some exercise! Take a walk, do some yoga, anything that you enjoy that gets you up and active is going to help you relax and feel better. Spend some quality time with your pets if you have them and take them for morning walks while you’re home, or make plans with your friends to take a yoga class. 

8. Take a day trip

While you may not be taking a week-long trip to somewhere sunny, you could take a day trip to somewhere local, like a museum or a cool park. Head to the art museum and take some artsy Instas that are sure to make even your beach-hopping-somewhere-in-Florida friends jealous!

No matter what you decide to do with your spring break, make sure you take some time to yourself because, let’s face it, finals are right around the corner and you are going to need some rest and relaxation before then. Try out some of these tips and have a great spring break!

Jordyn studies Natural Resource Management at Ohio State and is passionate about the conservation of wildlife and the environment. She enjoys fashion, beauty, and writing. Follow her on Twitter @JordynShoff.
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