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8 Feelings of OSU Students This Week

Nobody likes going back to class after a long, holiday weekend– especially Buckeyes as we’re still recovering from Saturday’s victory celebrations. Here’s eight feelings we’re all going through as we try to tackle this week and push through until winter break.


1. Monday 8 a.m. after a five day weekend? How?

2. But then you remember we beat *ichigan (again)!

3. AND that we’ll win again next weekend in the Big Ten Championship!

4. But then lunch time rolls around and you think about your Thanksgiving indulgences. Ugh.

5. You decide you better hit the gym tonight… if you have time… maybe next week.

6. But next week… FINALS START?!

7. Retail therapy would certainly help… but Black Friday happened…

8. It’s all too much. Where is the weekend? Where is my bed?

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