8 Beauty Gurus You Should Subscribe To

I absolutely love YouTube. I have been watching different beauty gurus and lifestyle vloggers for the last five years, and these are a few of the girls who I love the most. They have all taught me so much about makeup, skin care and self-care. There are definitely many more, but these are ones that I think are 100% worth checking out, if you aren't already subscribed!

1. Samantha Ravndahl

Sam is one of the realest beauty gurus out there. She has no problem explaining how she feels about the industry and is so open and honest about how the whole YouTube process works. She also recently decided to not receive PR packages anymore because of how much excess products and packaging she was receiving which is amazing (we love a conservation queen). On top of all of that she is freaking hilarious, there is not a video I have not laughed out loud at.

2. Allana Davison

Allana is such an upbeat and positive woman. She is so much fun to watch and she also has an amazing sense of humor. She does a lot of natural makeup looks, which is really nice since I know most of us college girls don’t have time to do a cut crease every morning. Also, she's absolutely gorgeous, I mean look at that picture! 

3. Kristi (RawBeautyKristi)

Kristi is one of the funniest YouTubers I have ever subscribed too. She is so quirky and fun to watch, it puts me in a great mood every time I watch one of her videos. My favorites from her are her first impression videos. There is one in specific where she tries out the Dior Airflash Foundation (it’s a spray on foundation) and it is hysterical. I have shown this video to numerous friends (even my guy friends) and everyone always cracks up, here’s the link! Check her out.

4. Nyma Tang

Nyma does amazing reviews of products. She is also absolutely gorgeous and super fun to watch. She is an incredible artist and does some amazing looks. She has such an awesome personality and sometimes puts vlogs up on her channel as well that are really interesting to watch. I totally suggest checking her out.

5. Casey Holmes

Casey is an amazing beauty guru! She also has her own online boutique (Rosie Daze) that sells some of the cutest clothes. She does some amazing looks and makes it look so incredibly effortless. Casey also has an oily skin type (I do as well) so I trust ANYTHING she recommends. She also just announced that she is pregnant, so she is starting to do different baby videos on her vlog channel which is super exciting!

6. Jamie Paige

Jamie is such a down to earth YouTuber. She has a series on her channel where she chooses her favorite and least favorite products from one specific brand, and it is amazing. I love when she posts these because you really get to see what is the best from certain brands. Jamie just has an overall great personality and I find her videos very calming in a way. Check her out!

7. Jackie Aina

Jackie is freaking hilarious. I guarantee you have seen some of her tweets at some point on Twitter because she posts some funny stuff. This also shows through in all of her videos. She is such an uplifting person to watch, and of course she does some amazing looks as well. She is super real with all of her reviews so I always make sure to watch her before I splurge on something!

8. Claire Marshall

Claire has some of the most aesthetically pleasing videos you will ever watch. All of her travel vlogs make me want to buy a plane ticket to where ever she was immediately after watching the video. She is also really open and honest about a lot of things in her life which is refreshing. Another plus is she has the cutest cat on the face of the planet, like no joke. She does a lot of lifestyle videos as well as videos about makeup, which is a nice change.

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