7 Ways to Combat the Cold

With fall temperatures setting in this week, it is getting harder to stay warm. Whether you're on your way to class, or in your room studying for an upcoming midterm, here are seven ways to combat the cold this fall

1. Clothes

Boots, cardigans and sweaters are going to be essential to keeping yourself warm on your walk to class. Boots like these will be perfect for the walk and your collegiette budget! This sweater will keep you looking cute and comfy all season long. Layering is also important, because you may be very cold on the way to class, but the heat may be cranked up once you get there, so you'll want to be able to peel off a few layers to cool down.

2. Curl up with a Good Book

One of the best ways to keep warm while staying in is to curl up with your favorite book! Since the temperatures have fallen, I try to make time for reading at least every other day. If you don't have a book in mind, I would recommend We Should Hang Out Sometime by Josh Sundquist or Some Boys by Patty Blount.

3. Blankets

While you're curled up with your favorite book, you should also grab a warm blanket! Blankets are my favorite way to stay warm all year long. The Big One is a great brand that makes cozy blankets at a price that will keep you smiling. I have had this one (in the zebra pattern) for years, and it is still my favorite blanket.

4. Warm Beverages

Hot chocolate and coffee are two of the best ways to stay warm this time of year. One of tastiest K-Cups I have ever had is Café Caramel from Café Escapes. The best part about it is, it tastes like liquid fall!

5. Work Out

Here at Ohio State, we have amazing workout facilities to keep you active, and warm, throughout the entire school year. The Recreation and Physical Activity Center (RPAC) is the most popular place to burn come calories, but there are several other options, as well. There are three Jesse Owens (JO) facilities on campus. JO North, South, and West each offer workout space, but are smaller for those who don't enjoy the larger, more public RPAC. The lesser known Adventure Recreation Center (ARC) also offers space to keep warm and get fit. A highlight of the ARC is the rock climbing wall.

6. Take a Warm Shower

Not only are they relaxing after a long day, but warm showers are the perfect way to heat up. You can use your favorite fall scent, while you're at it, for the perfect heated experience. My favorite scent comes from Bath & Body Works and is called Sensual Amber.

7. Sit by a Fire

Whether you are inside or out, a fire is the perfect way to stay warm this fall. If you are inside, you can curl up with your new favorite book and blanket by the fireplace. If you are outside, grab some friends and have a bonfire. You will make memories that you will never forget. In either setting, you have a great excuse to make s'mores!