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5 Ways To Avoid A Mental Breakdown While Studying For Finals

If you are in a situation even remotely similar to mine, you are already stressing (well, I mean the stress never stops, who am I kidding) and feeling way behind on studying for finals. Honestly, how do they expect us to start studying early when we’re still trying to finish projects and study for Exam #3’s?! Professors must think we have some sort of superpower which allows us to get 10 things done at once…I wish! Anyways, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite tips that help me get through studying when I’d rather do anything but that. Happy Finals Week! We are so close to the end.

1. Workout

I know, I know, working out sounds like the very last thing you want to do when you can’t even get all of your work done. BUT, it is proven to reduce stress levels and even better, to help you memorize better. So why not read over your notes while burning some calories on the elliptical?


One thing I have trouble reminding myself of is to take a break and do something fun in between studying. I often find myself allowing none of this free time because I think I’m hurting my chances by not studying every second, but really you’ll do the opposite by taking some short breaks here and there. Some ideas could be going to get ice cream, watching a short episode of a show on Netflix, taking a 30 minute nap, or just chilling with your roommates without looking at your notes for a few minutes.

3. Get plenty of sleep

This is one that I never have trouble with because I basically fall into bed every night, but I know it can be hard to remember to do when trying to cram for tomorrow’s exam. It’s important to remember though that getting a good night’s sleep before a final is a crucial factor in how well your brain will be able to think and understand the material. So be sure to get as many zzz’s as possible next week!

4. Drink lots of water

Obviously! We all know how important it is to drink plenty of H2O, but this is particularly important when you are stressed and under a lot of pressure. Your body will thank you for the extra hydration!

5. Meditate

This might sound silly to some of you but, trust me, it helps. There have been times in the past when I truly think I might explode from anxiety and stress and all of these other options aren’t doing the trick, so I meditate. It is an awesome way to relieve a ton of stress and settle those nerves. YouTube has tons of different videos for beginners that will guide you right through the steps.

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