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5 Things To Do On Your Staycation

We all get it: traveling is expensive. Saving money is important for a struggling college student and sometimes the best vacations are the ones you spend right at home. Without a crazy adventurous place to explore or a beach to run to everyday, it can be hard to think of things to fill your itinerary while you’re sitting at home. Lucky for you, I’ve put together a list of five things that you can do to make this staycation worthwhile.

1. Pamper yourself 

You just got through a majority of your midterms and papers, so you deserve to take some time for yourself. Put on a face mask, take a bubble bath or give yourself an impromptu spa day. Regardless of how you spoil yourself, make sure it takes all that unwanted stress away.

2. Catch up on your work

Spring break is great and all, but you know as soon as you get back to school, your professors are going to throw everything on you at once. Doing a little bit of that work now can prevent a lot of unwanted stress in the future. Plus, secluding yourself to do some work is a good excuse to keep you from awkward family gatherings. 

3. Eat a good meal

Alright put down the Sour Patch Kids, it’s time to eat a real meal. We’re all used to our college-eating style of grab whatever is there. But, now that you have some time on your hands, break out a skillet and make yourself a real, home-cooked meal. Or, better yet, have someone make it for you. ;) 

4. Spend time with family

Embrace the wholesome environment you get when you’re home. Although you may get a million questions that you don’t feel like answering or they may rope you back into doing chores around the house, your family does want to spend time with you. Also, a little tip, your family has more money than you and might be willing to pay for you.


You’ve been pulling all-nighter after all-nighter finishing papers and studying for tests. You can take this time to really catch up on some zzz’s. I don’t know about you, but my bed at home is much more comfortable then my Twin XL lofted six feet off the ground. So, take it from me: put on some comfy clothes and snuggle up for those eight hours that everyone has been recommending.

*yes I used all pug Gifs on purpose :)

Sophomore majoring in Strategic Communications and Journalism at THE Ohio State University!
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